Hi there welcome to HuwsNursery and here is
another video in the pests and disease series, and we have like most years a bit of a problem
with aphids so I’m going to show you a really easy way just to make a spray – insecticide
or something, that you spray onto your plants and it kills off the aphids which is good.
Now there are many ways of getting rid of aphids and i will show you another way just
using tomato leaves but i’ll hopefully do that a bit later on. so you just want about
500ml of water which is half a litre, just under a pint, I don’t know how many quarts
it is, but I will tell you down below. Now you want per 500ml of water you want to add
about a tablespoon of soap. Now the soap you use is important, I use Ecover which is an
organic soap and it doesn’t have any chemicals in. now if you use like a detergent it that
has chemicals in and you don’t want that to be added into your organic garden. So just
mix that in, like that, and then the reason why you put in the soap after not before is
because you get loads and loads of bubbles. Now just simply fill this up. Yeah, there’s
the bubbles. So, now lets apply this to the plants. so luckily we haven’t had too many
aphids today or this growing season at all but this is a tomato plant and aphids love
it. Now aphids they’re about 1 tenth of an inch long fully grown and ants like to milk
them for their sort of milk that they make and use them as a food, so, and aphids like
to eat the pollen, well sap. so when you’re just going to spray your plant if you have
a pump spray it’s going to be much easier but you want to just go round, like this,
spraying all the top of the leaves and don’t forget the stem because remember the stem
is the main motorway for these pests. so after you’ve done that you then want to go underneath
and spray all the underneath of the plant, like that, and that will make sure that you
get both ends of the plant so aphids are not going to get away with eating your plants
that quickly. Another thing you can do is to get a really strong hose of water and spray
it on. Now I do have quite a big problem with that because it wastes water and I just think
that if you use lots of water, waste enough to spray aphids, it’s a waste of time. Now
if you do use that it will make all the aphids fall to the floor and what I would do is paint
on a bit of honey at the stem to stop aphids climbing back up. And yeah so that is a really
simple and easy way how to make a spray for aphids and other things don’t like it like
blackfly and whitefly for example. So I hoped you enjoyed that quick video and I will see
you again very soon with another one.