hello guys hello everybody hello my friend so guys because I always use coconut oil okay so definitely wanna use I buy them so today I just want to show you guys how I do my coconut oh yeah how so first if I want to break the notes I’m going heat it from this body but everybody has my own way of heating you know you can do it in any form any how you do it right so after doing this now I need something to pour the water inside so guys let me take some tea to pour the water so I will be needing this knife to remove on the year to put the water so I’m going to also want to see if it’s after and drink you can usually tuk it also makes it way to make it from rice okay from wait I love it so why I start working this out [Music] so now guys how do not seen is that to process and separates the liquid from the pork so what are we to do so I’m going to start [Music] [Music] [Music] so guys I’m done now so this is the meek that came out so I’m tempted I’m not going to drink drink some out of it so after then I’m going to see you some water oh this is the one I’m going to use some water to raise this out and bring many the rest milk so my way if you have this you can get you over here easily and fast so this is how you can they also as they do your coconut milk the one you buy so I used to do it to drink at home so you’re sort of doing oh yeah out of it to show you guys you have this process if you don’t have can you do the one of the blender it’s all the same way this way it’s more easier for you to to walk too much to bring the milk out so here now I’m going to use some water just we do this a close and we’ll just press [Music] so now I’m going to just so we this very wanna do this one separately because I’m going to allow them to separate so guys the next thing to do now I’m going to cover the both the fire coverage I’m just going to give it a state so I’m also going to do every once in a while Chabad is very one first so guys today is the next day okay as you can see I have this one the mix it sorry up here white water down there cause of suicide stainless steel like this it puts the glass stove us transparent like this very one so you can really really see the what’s up on the mixer prevention I’m going to show you this is the mix at the top first he can’t see added done here does the water so the mica is are the up here because why I wish I did it with blender add water so I would’ve had a lot of water that was a protect out of separated between the Meek Mill why because I pressed it out from the cocoa not direct so that is why it has a very very very little water so this side this is the water down day if I want to make it co pressed I will set I will remove the water tone eats and leave it goes up if you don’t remove the water oil cannot separate from day it cannot separate from the milk so what I’m going to do I’m going to use something like this ready water also go out to just patiently pick already milk I’m going to change as you can see that starts to change suta start to change the tone into oil the OPA a subtle tone Oh a as you can see my hand is breathing already if you want to do it coke trace you are going to leave it remove the water leave it or that debate I’m not going to do it cold press as I said I have to preserve it because I want to preserve damages heat it in the fire to burn the bacteria then I do the nama process so I’m going to take from the apply this now put in here I should be very very careful because I really wants the water to separate anyway what I asked mrs. together it’s just a few what’s up so let get anything inside there so this is the pass is cooking I’m going this is a Mick now pour it in here that you are going to give it a steam so I want to show you the event will give it a steam just to remove the so that you last you as when you are going to remove all the bacteria so how to do that we are going to add some bicarbonate sodium to like a preservation just add like this you don’t need much as a preservation it’s also good for hair and or to preserve it not to form any moment preserve is some way to prepare the meat by steaming eats this is the many water with some coconut oil stuff so that is it so guys this is almost is getting dressed so because I left it for so minutes our doing something I soon if it starts to born on because this frypan is somehow snow those that are tripod I can use to do any hard since okay so if we want to do fried egg from still going to a large chain [Music] city for you and starts yes you’re going to Tong Tong Tong it’s like you’re frying egg now so this happy all year day UCB oh yeah so that’s it oh yes so guys as you can see the oil is now out so dyes we are arrived to the final so as you can see these are the oil so I’m going to do what you ask them to start to drain ease our lights are cool a little bit before such a journey so Lisa do it that came out so Dennis I’m going to start to screen it now one thing I love doing is that I loved straining its make clean and nice with my kitchen paper you just to remove any dead excess stuff so guys you know now it’s always inside so I’m going to start to put them in here little by little too strained and as you see so it’s going to come out very clear coconut oil so you can also press it if you want so guys if you want you can see squeeze it parts by pressing it in his formats you have to alight to cook because you see what you can see come out you should do it in this form anyway when we – and I – code four before I do that so me why has four our meat we have I’m going to remove this form you don’t need is very water so this is [Music] your head so this is it I’m going to put the first I’m going to strain it so guys now it has cooled down I’ve allowed it to cool down some point so put it in here with my kitchen cloth to remove any residual just as I did we do not move it so I love using these two you can use even ricotta move I don’t have that some using is very warm see doses are what you are going to make sure it doesn’t get easier to get into your head I’m heating it down see is exactly the bottle so this is where it which so I’m going so luckily this is what I’ll be using to moisturize my hair throughout this week as the replacements of my water okay even indeed somebody can use to hydrate your skin although this one so this is the oil I brought it out from the fridge as little finish to our life to form some to solidify so they can see so I have it up here so this is its is how you can do your coconut oil at home so I hope you loved this video I know the America cannot or a video out there so a lot sort of doing my today for the first time so that in case as you guys are following me up you want to follow my own mates out there are so many easier method I’ll do more video by coconut oil so guys I hope you love this video you saw that of the meek so this is the water hydrating hairspray the coconut oh yes thank you guys for watching bye [Music]