Greetings fellow nerds. In a previous video I made potassium nitrate using ammonium nitrate from instant cold packs and potassium hydroxide. Since the latter chemical isn’t easy to obtain I will revisit potassium nitrate production but using potassium chloride instead which is much easier to get. The method has the added advantage that it doesn’t produce toxic ammonia gas. However it is less efficient than the original method and produces lower quality product. Anyway let’s get started. Measure out 40 grams of the ammonium nitrate. Like in our previous video, we got it from instant cold packs that clearly say ammonium nitrate as the main ingredient. Do not use urea. Now add 100mL of water and stir until completely dissolved. The insoluble material is an anti-caking agent. Filter the mixture directly into 37 grams of potassium chloride. Potassium chloride is very easily obtained as a sodium free salt alternative for those seeking to lower their sodium intake. This is very popular now and almost all grocery stores stock such salt along side regular table salt. The brand might be different but if you check around the labels it should say somewhere that it’s composed of potassium chloride or that it has all potassium and no sodium. Here we are. Now once the mixture is filtered through you’ll need to gently heat the mixture with stirring until all the potassium chloride is dissolved. It might still be cloudy due to anti-caking agents in the potassium chloride but this will be fine. Just focus on getting all the salt dissolved. Now it’s all dissolved. Just take it out and put it into the freezer to cool. Since I’m impatient I’m going to use an ice bath and allow you to see the potassium nitrate crystallize out. What’s happening in terms of chemistry is that we’re exchanging the ions in the potassium chloride and the ammonium nitrate to create potassium nitrate and ammonium chloride. Potassium nitrate has low solubility at colder temperatures so it crystallizes out. The ammonium chloride stays in solution so we can separate it from the potassium nitrate by filtration. Now we had to heat the solution in the beginning to get all the ions dissolved so that this exchange can proceed as far as it can. Sodium nitrate cannot be made this way using sodium chloride or table salt because sodium nitrate is too soluble to be efficiently separated by this process. Please refer to my previous video if you really want it. Ok the solution is cold enough. Now you can see these large crystals of potassium nitrate. Just pour off the excess liquid and filter to squeeze out every drop. The let the crystals dry. Now you have crude potassium nitrate. To test it, once again crush the crystals and mix them with about half as much sugar and set the mixture on fire. So that’s how you make potassium nitrate at home. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, rate and comment.