Follow this video carefully I am going to show an important thing Today I am going to show How you can make alcohol or beer from rice One more thing, Use this only for gardening purpose I will also show how to use rice beer You can use rice beer for two purpose of gardening Soon you will see in video Before showing how beer or alcohol is is made from rice I kindly request you to subscribe If this information is helpful in gardening Then be sure to like this Also share this video with other gardening enthusiastic Come let us know how you can also easily make…. Beer from cooked rice It is very easy to make alcohol for gardening use Follow this process carefully After watching this process You can also make rice beer easily at home And can use it in gardening Take any bottle for making rice beer You will need cooked rice You will also need water I will pour water into bottle after filling rice You will also need dry yeast You can make alcohol from rice without dry yeast But during cool season fermentation process is slow If you make in cool season then add few granules of yeast For quick preparation of rice alcohol or beer Fill cooked rice into bottle Do not fill entire bottle Only fill up to quarter level of bottle You can also easily make beer easily at home from rice Then you can use this with many insecticides As ethyl alcohol washes wax coating of many insects When you use this beer with insecticide Insect’s treatment is easy It is very easy to make alcohol from cooked rice Rice alcohol is a very effective and useful for gardening I have filled cooked rice up to quarter level I will add double amount of water in it Before adding water I will put few yeast granules For assisting fermentation process If you make beer during summer then no need to use yeast Fermentation can take place by itself and beer gets ready within week If you want to make alcohol during cool seasons then use dry yeast Yeast assists in quick fermentation I will add few granules of yeast for fast fermentation I have added few granules of yeast and mix it properly Add water in bottle and close lid After 6 to 7 days beer gets ready I have added twice amount of water in bottle After closing bottle I will shake bottle for mixing dry yeast Now I will keep bottle in shade As keeping bottle in shade promotes fermentation You will get good quality of ethyl alcohol for gardening use After few days multipurpose alcohol gets ready Beside using with insecticide You can also use it for increasing fertilizer performance Bacterial action with fertilizer helps in releasing elements for plant growth Health of plants improves There are two uses of this rice beer Similarly I have kept few more bottles filled with rice for making alcohol You can also make rice beer in many bottles And use it in garden when needed Some gases are made during process of fermentation For releasing those gases open lid of bottle as shown Similarly repeat process in all bottles daily Gas has escaped from bottles After releasing gas keep bottles again in shade In shade fermentation occurs properly And good quality of alcohol is produced You can use that alcohol in treating many insects like…. Mealy bugs, aphids and other wax coated insects are treated with ease 7 days after filling rice in bottle alcohol is ready For knowing alcohol or beer is prepared or not? Open bottle and smell, if you get sweet odor It means rice alcohol or beer is prepared Now you can use this for gardening purpose For using strain it and I will show How to use with fertilizer and insecticides I have strained water and now it is ready for use I have already made a video on how to use with insecticide You can check that video in card above I have also given that link below in description For using with insecticide take rice beer I have taken tobacco immersed in water for a night You can use any insecticides with this alcohol After mixing you can spray it on affected plants Mealy bug and aphids will be killed with this solution This is a very good method of treating mealy bug and aphids I will show how you can use this with fertilizers For example I am taking okra pot I have given organic compost in this pot Elements of organic compost does not releases properly in pot When this alcohol is given in pot Bacterial activity is increased in pot And it helps in releasing contents of fertilizer Add twice amount of water in beer or alcohol And irrigate pot with this solution Bacteria in container will become more active and release more elements of fertilizer Resulting in good health of your plants I hope you will like information of making alcohol or beer from rice And I am sure you will use this alcohol or beer in gardening Thanks for staying with this video till last Subscribe, like and share this video I will meet again with some other information Till then be happy and enjoy gardening at home