I’m going to show you how to make your own
compost. It’s good to make your own compost because that way you don’t have to buy fertilizers,
and it’s a more organic way of fertilizing your plants. It’s also a good way to reuse
kitchen scraps, garden waste, and cardboard. Make sure you don’t put any meat products,
dog or cat feces, or diseased plant material in the compost. What we’ll be using today
to make the compost are kitchen scraps, garden waste, pea straw, and to get it started, some
organic compost. We’ll also be using some safety gear. The first thing you need to figure out is
where you’re going to put the compost bin. Make sure it’s in a nice shaded area that’s
well drained. Too much sun will dry it out. There’s a couple of different types of compost
bins. Today we’re using a tumbling bin. This is because it produces compost faster due
to aeration, it keeps out rats, and it’s neater. When adding matter to the compost bin, you
need to make sure you have the correct ratio of brown to green waste. Brown waste is things
high in carbon, such as paper, cardboard, straw. Green waste is high in nitrogen and
is things like coffee grounds, manure, and kitchen waste. I’m going to check my safety gear on and get
started. To start, we’re going to add some organic compost just to get it started and
some straw. Normally with a compost bin, you need to make sure you layer your brown and
green materials. As we’re using a tumbler, we don’t have this worry. Make sure you have
the right ratio of brown to green material, and if you’re using a tumbler, make sure you
tumble it, at least, once a week, just to make sure it keeps composting. Now you’ll
just have to wait for the organic material to break down. Once it looks like soil and
it smells earthy, you’ve got compost. As you can see, it’s an easy process, and it’s very
rewarding. That’s how you make your own compost.