Hello, this is Lenny with the Exmark Technical
Service team. Just want to cover a few items as far as quality of cut, deck cleaning, and
maintenance to make sure that your Exmark machine is cutting as good and as well as
we know that it can. One of the things that we see most consistently when dealing with
quality of cut is simply maintenance here in the service department. So some of the
things that you need to keep in mind to keep that machine cutting as well as you want it
to are: (1) tire pressure, (2) keeping your idlers greased, (3) ensure you have proper
belt tension, (4) proper service and maintenance of the blades, (5) keeping the deck clean,
(6) keeping the deck adjusted, whether it’s left or right for the level of the deck, or
front to back for deck rake. Deck rake is actually the forward tilt of the rake on the
machine. So if you line the blades to the front and the back of the machine, the front
blade tip is actually lower than the rear blade tip. What that allows the deck to do
is make a seal with the grass on the front of the machine, and allows the deck to pull
air in from the back of the machine to give you the best discharge of those grass clippings.
On a 60-inch deck, we usually want about 3/16- to 1/4-inch of deck rake. How you obtain that
is simply by loosening these chain bolts, and using your set screw to drop the front
of the deck, or raise the rear of the deck. But slight adjustments can actually be done
with just the tire pressure alone. What deck level talks about is if the front blade tips
on the left side blade and the front blade tip on the right side blade should measure
the exact same cutting height off the ground, as so should the rear blade tip. So if you’re
a little low on the right-hand side, adding a pound or two of pressure to that right-hand
drive tire will effectively raise the right-hand side of the deck, and get you the nice, level
cut that you’re wanting. One of the best things that you can do is keep the deck as clean
as possible. What we recommend is using air instead of water. A backpack blower on the
machine works great to blow all the debris off the top of the machine. However, when
you’re going to clean underneath the machine, it’s going to take a little more physical
labor. So one of the things that we’ve introduced is a little jack and receiver stand to help
get the front end of the machine off the ground in order for you to get underneath that. I’ll
show that here real quickly. So now we have the front end of the machine up in the air to where we can service the bottom side of it. So a few things that we might want to
do are as follows. (1) Check our blades–make sure they’re sharp, make sure they’re serviceable,
make sure each of the tips line up with each other and that we haven’t hit something to
cause one of those to bend down or bend up. (2) The other thing that we’re going to have
to do is occasionally scrape the bottom of the deck to remove the old grass build up
from underneath there. The best time to do that is right after you’ve pulled in from
mowing. If you allow that grass and debris to dry over time, it can really become as
hard as concrete, and becomes very difficult to scrape off. One of the other good reasons
to clean the bottom of the deck is if you happen to have some chemical or some of that
other type of stuff in your grass, or if you do have a turf disease and you get rid of
it later on, if you don’t scrape the bottom of the deck, it can cause your deck to carry
that disease on throughout the summer in your turf. So it would effectively be ruining anything
that you’ve done for your grass. So we’ve covered a few of the items that will help
you keep the quality of cut of your Exmark where you believe it should be. In the end,
however, there are thousands of variables that can affect the quality of cut of your
machine. If you experience a diminished quality of cut of your machine, your local Exmark
dealer is the best point of contact to get that machine back to the point of where it
was right off the showroom floor. Thank you, and I hope you found this helpful.