Basically, how you operate the
machine, it’s 12 volt powered what your 12 volt does the 12 volt operates your
seeder boxes as well as your cutting depth so as you saw back on the trailer
there, I lifted… brought the wheels down and brought the discs up… to drive it
around the property now when we want to start cutting on the seeder we
just bring it down and you can adjust your cutting depth quite accurately as to how much you want to cut or disturb and how much you don’t want to the discs literally cut it open like this and close it back up that’s all it does and you’re only cutting as much as you can literally cut this much or you can cut
that much depending on what you’re trying to do. With your grasses you really
don’t need to put a much more then that Basically, this is your control box and it moves your, your wheels up and down on your or your discs up and down and it also turns your
seeder boxes on and off so you can turn them on and off as you’re going along It’s a standard 50mm ball hitch on it you’ve got your leveler here now you need a leveler, because your pivot point is over your wheels now because
you can you can run just the discs with it and ideally you want both discs to be
cutting and touching the ground and cutting at the same time if your soils ready for that so you can adjust it I’ll show you what you can do with it, so you can do this with it now what you you use that for is as well as keeping the discs
level if you have a bit of a crust on your soil and you need to cut through it
what you can do is angle it towards the front and give yourself a bit more
cutting power, because it puts more weight on the front discs and also when you bring
the roller over it changes the whole weight distribution, it puts more weight in
the back and the unit will tip a bit like this and then you use that leveler
to bring it back in to level it So that’s your roller obviously, your
electric actuator is what brings your discs up and down and then you’ve got
your two stainless steel seeder boxes now the reason we’ve done the seeder boxes in stainless is that you can put palatalized fertilizer through it as well as your
coated seeds inside your box is a little plate here That’s basically where the seeds sit
on, and then they drop in there underneath there is a shaft with it with
a six sets of reverse auger brush in there basically what they do
is they do this they draw all the seeds in and drop them down each box have got six hopper holes underneath and the this is your adjuster here so what you
do is basically that’s the opening that your seeds are going to come out, is that
round bit and you just close it up as you go depending on what seeds you’re
putting out now, your drag, you can just drop out and that’s what basically covers up
and that’ll cover up ninety-five percent of your seeds Then you can bring the
roller over to close it up nicely and to just like lightly compress it you