Stencils are a simple way to paint logos,
numbers or a team name on the athletic field. Custom stencils, like this one here, give
you a re-usable template to use on multiple fields over many years. Stencils can be small for use on the back
of a pitching mound, or as big as a football field end zone. In this video, we will show you the steps
for creating a logo using a custom stencil. Lay the stencil out using string lines and
tape measure, to make sure the stencil is centered and squared. Once centered, use the stakes to pin the stencil
down to make sure it doesn’t move. There are color-coded cut-outs in the template
for you to dot the outline with aerosol paint. Be sure to match the aerosol paint color to
the template. To prevent getting paint in unwanted areas,
use multiple people to lift and remove the stencil. Set it aside and let it dry before folding
it for storage. To extend the life of the logo, make sure
the grass where you want to apply it is mowed at game height. Refer to the original artwork to determine
where to fill in each color. Connect the dots to establish the outline
and start filling in each color, while trying not to step on the wet paint. To create smooth, crisp lines and keep colors
from bleeding, use a bendable board as an edge. Wipe the paint off the board after each use. You can use aerosol or bulk paint to fill
in your logo. Both are available in custom colors. Just remember, bulk paint needs to be mixed
and should be done in an easy to clean area, in case of spills. In addition to custom stencils, you can get
pre-made ribbon stencils to support various causes. As you can see, custom stencils are a great
way to give your field that professional look. If you’d like to learn more, please visit
any Ewing location or go online at