[theme music] [music] In today’s video, we will see how to plant
a lemon tree And you can use this method to plant a variety
of trees Like an Apple Tree A lot of citrus trees A Pomegranate tree As well as a Banana tree When you go to buy a lemon tree, you will
be overwhelmed with the varieties of lemon trees available So let me break it down for you There are true lemon trees like the Eureka Which is an ever-bearing no-thorn tree As well as Lisbon, which has thorns and bears
summer thru fall The other lemons like Meyer have slightly
thinner skin and are sweeter We have the Ponderosa which is a lemon cross
with the citron plant And we also have the variegated pink, which
is basically the pink lemonade plant So I chose to grow the Eureka semi-dwarf lemon
plant Just because its ever bearing, its a true
lemon And its very delicious Now before you plant the lemon tree, you need
to make sure you spray it with mineral oil and Spinosad You can see the video link on your screen
right now Which shows you how to spray your lemon and
other citrus plants And remember this needs to be done before
planting the lemon tree So spray it and leave it for a couple of days So if you look at the location we chose for
the lemon plant It gets sun for the most part of the day And our first job is to dig a hole which is
about twice as wide and twice as deep as the container or your lemon tree size Now we had a bush growing here, so I did dig
out a little bit more of the dirt So that I could get all the roots out And make sure there are no roots interfering
when I was planting the lemon tree Now when you dig your trench, whatever soil
came out of the trench, make sure you keep it in Some other place like a wheelbarrow I just kept it aside in a hill The reason is that you have to mix your existing
soil with some good quality garden soil Or compost or whatever you can get your hands
on The reason is that when you dig that deep And especially for soils that haven’t been
enriched There’s not going to be a lot of organic matter
left in the soil So what we will do is we will Mix the existing soil as well as add some
rich organic matter to the soil And for those of you who live in urban areas
and cannot get things like horse manure or compost There are options available You can go to your local garden center and
get a bagged product Which is what I am going to show you next So this product by Sta Green (StaGreen) is
a tree and shrub garden soil plus fertilizer And these are available in 2 cubic feet bags And they are quite reasonably priced as well So what you can do is just try to keep your
pot in that location and see if you need to add more soil and that your plant is at the
surface SO we will now remove the plant from the container
it came in So what you do is just tap around the plant,
pull it out and very importantly loosen the soil around the roots As you can see I am doing here That will really let the roots grow into the
bas that you are planting the tree at So you keep adding additional garden soil
so that the plant is planted well in its place And just compact the soil a little bit by
stepping on it or pressing it with your hands This will avoid creating a crater kind of
a surface after you’ve finished planting the tree And add more soil as needed This is the existing soil that was taken out
of the area And I’m just going to mix it in as well around
the plant And then add more soil and level the surface
as needed And adding multiple layers and leveling it
is really the key to setting up a plain level surface for your plant Last but not the least, you need to water
the plant really well after you’ve planted it Water deep so that the water reaches the roots
which are deep down below the surface And what we’re going to do next is add some
mulch Now I did add a weed barrier to the bottom
before adding the mulch A weed barrier or a landscape fabric cloth
will prevent weed growth And then what I am going to do now is add
some mulch I am using a fine bark ground cover mulch And after you’ve added the mulch Just spread it around your plant Now mulch has a lot of benefits It first of all gives a very nice appearance
to the are where you’ve planted your tree It also helps the soil beneath the surface
to retain moisture And it also prevents growth of weeds around
your plant Which is why adding a mulch is so important
when planting any kind of trees So a few weeks down the line, our lemon plant
is growing very well Its producing new leaves And the new leaves its producing are free
from any kind of leaf miners or insects So I hope you liked this video And I hope this video helps you plant your
own trees Growing trees is a great thing to do in your
back yard if you have the space You are going to be blessed with a lot of
fruits all year round I’ll see you again soon Happy Gardening! [theme music]