hi everyone well today we’re gonna plant
a salsa garden together now the reason why this is such a great idea is because
there’s only four types of vegetables to take care of in this garden a full-on
garden can maybe have fifteen or twenty different types of vegetables might seem
a little bit overwhelming but we’re keeping this simple with just four types
and we’re gonna plant it all in one place
so it keeps it easy to maintain and take care of what’s more you’re gonna have
everything you need for your own fresh tasty salsa all in one place there’s
nothing like homegrown fresh salsa it’s so delicious it’s absolutely the best
and you’re gonna love it so let’s get busy now here’s where we’re
gonna be growing our salsa garden we’re gonna be growing it in a smart pots
container and we’re partnering with smart pots for this video they provided
this beautiful purple large round raised bed the vegetables are going to be so
pretty growing in here I can just see the pop of colors against the purple I
really love this color so this growing container has about 13 square feet of
growing space and it’s super easy just to pop up fill with soil and you’ve got
your salsa garden so we’re keeping it very simple now one thing I love about
growing in the smart pots containers is the fabric is aerated so the soil drains
really nicely the vegetables don’t get root bound in here because they air
prune once they get to the side of the container so they don’t wind their way
around and get root bound like they do in plastic pots one reason why it’s
really fun to grow a salsa garden in a container is because you can put it
right outside your kitchen door for easy access to your vegetables
now I recently just removed the old soil in this container and put in brand-new
soil I absolutely love my new soil the old soil was a really heavy claim it
just wasn’t working for me the vegetables weren’t growing well so good
dirt sent me this beautiful soil absolutely love it
now I’d use good dirt at my garden for a couple of years I find the vegetables
just have the loose fluffy soil they need to grow really well the roots don’t
get constricted and the soil retains moisture like crazy which is extremely
important in our hot dry climate I don’t have to water my plants that are in good
dirt soil near is often so I really absolutely love this soil so
I pre moisten the soil and I just need to top it off with a couple more bags
and we’ll be ready to plant oh look at this stuff it’s so nice a good dura soil
is made with sustainable peat moss that is harvested in a sustainable way it has
an ingredient called bog bits which really helps it be more moisture
retentive and one thing I also love about good dirt is once you make the
initial investment in your soil you can plant in it time after time I have some
containers that I planted in four four or five plantings so it makes it well
worth the investment now the soil I just added from the bag is pretty dry so I’m
just mixing it in here to the pre-moistened soil so there’s no dry
spots that way the plants have the moisture they need to get growing right
away so we’ve got the container topped off with soil it is looking good now
what I’m gonna do is add my drip irrigation back in I removed it when I
switched off the soil you can definitely grow a salsa garden without drip
irrigation but I love to use it in containers because it makes it so much
easier really takes the guesswork out of when to water you can still go on
vacation and it’s super super easy to install in containers I do like to use a
separate system a drip irrigation system for my containers because they do have
different watering needs and the rest of my garden so I’m just gonna wind my
little drip emitter hose back around my container and then we will be ready to
plant the vegetables now the vegetables I’m planting in my
salsa garden are from my salsa seed collection six varieties of vegetables
two tomatoes two peppers onions in cilantro everything you need in one
handy collection for your salsa garden so in the middle here I’m gonna plant a
tomato plant so the tomato plant I’m going to put in here is the golden
jubilee tomato which is going to add some nice bright yellow color to your
garden so I started this tomato plant inside all these seeds inside about six
weeks ago and it is going to look beautiful right here in the middle so
first of all I’m just going to dig a hole and get a little planting area
ready for my tomato and you can see how light and fluffy this good dirt soil is
it just pulls right out and I’m telling you guys it stays light and fluffy like
this planting after planting it does not get compacted okay I’ve got my hole dug
I’m going to throw in a handful of the Verma stare at worm castings
the great thing about these is they feed your plants over the long term they’re
actually timed released so as this plant grows the worm castings will feed the
roots and help it grow nice and healthy because it puts all that good beneficial
bacteria and microbes into your soil so I’m just going to mix this around in the
planting Hall okay it’s looking good and let’s get my planter my tomato plant out
here and I transplanted this into one of the smart pots transplant which is super
handy just the sides just peel apart the plant lifts right out
it makes transplanting a piece of cake wow look at the roots of this plant
those are amazing I can just taste this tomato now so we’re going to set this
deep in the planting Hall now the great thing about tomatoes is
they grow roots from the stem wherever the stem touches the soil so by placing
it a little deeper in the planting hole it’s gonna help it be a really nice
dirty plant just fill that in there put my little tag in now the salsa seed
collection also has a really great roma tomato which is a nice meaty tomato and
perfect for salsas and I actually haven’t growing right next to the purple
smart pots in another container so I didn’t want to cram this container too
full so we’ve got our tomato planted in the middle and I’m going to plant
peppers onions and cilantro around the edges so it’s going to be a lot of fun
now what I’m going to do is dig my holes for my peppers I’m going to plant my
peppers around the tomato plant and we’re going to be able to plant quite a
few peppers in here because peppers you can actually plant pretty closely I’m
gonna plant them about a foot or so apart they actually like to be touching
as they grow because it helps shade the peppers once the peppers come on from
getting a Sun scald so I’m gonna put on maybe 8 to 12 inches apart
I don’t need quite as deep of a hole now let’s get these peppers in here I love
growing fresh peppers they’re so colorful and so beautiful this garden is
gonna look absolutely amazing so the first one we’re gonna pop in is the
cayenne pepper from the salsa seed collection this is gonna add that nice
spicy bite to our salsa I know a lot of you guys like spicy too just like me so
you are gonna love this pepper it’s a beautiful long red pepper and ornamental
as well as super super tasty so I grew these in peat pellets originally you can
still see the shape a little peat pellet here and I just transplanted them out
into this container about a week or so just to give them a little bit of extra
room to grow and next we are going to plant a jalapeno pepper which will be
another nice little hot spicy pepper more of a mild heat peppers don’t need
to be planted deep like tomatoes do you can plant there the top of the palate
here right at the surface of the soil and I’m putting them right next to the
drip emitters so they get plenty of water next I’m going to pop in the
California wonder pepper from the salsa seed collection this is one of my very
favorite peppers to grow it’s a bright beautiful red color nice and sweet just
super super tasty and it’s gonna be so much fun to grow
in our salsa garden I’m gonna put this one right in front cuz it’s my favorite
and as these peppers grow they’re gonna the leaves will start to touch and kind
of shade the the peppers as they start to come on you know you can see there’s
a little flower right there already on the Cayenne long slim so it won’t be
long now got the yellow sweeping out of here I just want to show you guys
something here real quick there’s actually two peppers growing here is the
yellow sweet banana and pepper actually three peppers peppers actually can be
planted this close and that way you get maximum production out of your salsa
garden well I’ve got a couple other varieties I’m going to pop in here I’ve
got a cubanelle pepper a golden California wonder these are in some of
my other seed collections so I’m going to pop the rest the sweet peppers on
this side and a couple more hot pepper varieties on the other side we’ve got eight pepper plants in here
and a tomato plant so it’s starting to look really good now you can see there’s
some mounds of soil a little bit of extra soil from where I pulled it out of
the pepper holes so I’m just gonna lift up my drip irrigation and kind of smooth
it out just to make it look a little bit nicer so far we have two of our four
varieties planted our peppers and tomatoes so it’s all right here in one
place it’s going to make it really easy to maintain now if you don’t have this
this much growing space on your patio or balcony you can definitely do a salsa
garden in a smaller container maybe you only have this much space right here you
can grow it in a small five-gallon container I’ve got two prepper plants in
here you even get a couple of these going with your onions your cilantro and
your tomato so it makes it super super easy for anyone to grow a salsa garden
well next what I’m gonna do is pop in or other two varieties our onions in our
cilantro which are gonna make our salsa so so fresh and tasty I’m actually gonna
transplant some onions that I pulled out from another spot in my garden these are
the bunching onions which are in the salsa garden seed collection now if
you’ve never grown bunching onions before or never growing onions at all
bunching onions are a great place to start because they grow in bunches and
they grow fairly quickly they’re like small little green onions they’re very
easy to grow and grow a lot faster than the larger Bowl being type of onion so
I’m gonna pull a couple of these out of here
actually pulled these out of this very same pot they’re still planted in the
old soil so I’m just gonna shake some of the soil loose and these were started
from seed as well actually seeded them right here in this garden bed and
they’re so easy to transplant I’m actually gonna pop them in here in
between the peppers so we’ll just pop those roots down in the soil
and onions you can just pull out and use whenever you make your salsa they keep
for a long time in the soil and look at the roots here those look fantastic you can even clip the tops off and use
them for green onions in your recipes now with onions you do want to kind of
leave the bulb sticking out of the soil a little bit and don’t worry about it
when you transplant them if they kind of flop over because they will definitely
perk right back up and they can also be grown very closely together in fact I
forgot these are bunching onions so I’m actually gonna plant these together in a
little Bunch they grow great close together because they’re just small
little bulbs and I promise you these will perk back up once the roots kind of
get established the great thing about onions is they’re easy to grow and
they’re pretty much indestructible so they’re a great vegetable if you’re a
new gardener to start with now that we have our onion transplants in our salsa
garden I’m going to plant some of the bunching onions seeds so that when these
onions are harvested we’ll have some more to take its place so let’s just
pour these into my hand here these are nice little tiny seeds and we’re
actually going to sprinkle these around the edges of the container and they will
fill this container in really nicely over the summer time now whether you’re
growing 8 varieties of peppers 2 or 3 varieties of onions or just one keep it
simple do what is manageable for you and the important thing is is that you
are growing your own vegetables that’s what matters isn’t this so much fun a
salsa garden is a lot of fun to grow and I can’t wait to see the beautiful colors
here in the garden and I hope you enjoy it too now what I’m going to do is just
sprinkle a little bit of soil over the top of my onion seeds and we have three
of our forward vegetables planted for our salsa garden so you’re in the right
place you have plenty of support from me and from other viewers here there’s lots
of seasoned gardeners that make comments and are always super encouraging it’s a
great community to be a part of the fourth variety we’re gonna plant is
cilantro cilantro is a great addition to your salsa these are cilantro seeds for
my salsa seed collection you can see these cilantro seeds are quite large
they do take a little bit of time to germinate so you definitely do have to
be patient with cilantro you can start cilantro seeds indoors or you can plant
it directly in your garden beds and it does help it germinate a little bit
quicker if you soak the seeds overnight or crush them with a rolling pin so
cilantro is a cool weather herb so sometimes it can be a little bit tricky
to grow in the summer time but I’m gonna plant them here along the inner edge of
the salsa garden and that way they get a little bit of shade and it will help
them grow a little bit longer during the heat so we’re just gonna cover up the
cilantro seeds with soil and we are ready to go our salsa garden has planted
four varieties peppers tomatoes onions cilantro everything we need to grow
fresh tasty salsa all in one place I just love getting out here getting my
hands in the soil it’s so much fun to plant the seeds nurture them see them
grow it’s just such a great feeling of pride knowing I’m growing healthy tasty
vegetables for my family and I know you’re gonna love it too so now I’m gonna water the vegetables in
to get them off to a really good start and you want to water them with some
type of liquid fertilizer I really love using the good dirt plant food because
it has the nitrogen phosphorus and potassium but the plants need it also
has some amino acids in it which are really essential essential to plant
growth and health and the nitrogen in it really helps encourage the leafy growth
and the phosphorus and potassium help encourage the blooms and the fruiting
some give it gonna give it a nice soaking here and this is a really handy
little hose and dispenser here that you can just hook right to the end of your
hose and fertilize your vegetables it mixes with water it’s very concentrated
so it gives them just the right dose that they need a little bit goes a
really long way here well there you have it our salsa garden is planted four
varieties of tasty vegetables it’s gonna be so much fun to come out here and
harvest everything we need for fresh salsa all in one place so whether you’re
planting one variety or all four varieties it’s great to have you here
great job getting your salsa garden planted we’re gonna have so much fun
growing and harvesting this together so make sure you subscribe so you’re gonna
be coming back and doing some update videos and harvest videos and I also
want to thank smart pots for partnering with us on this video for supplying the
containers and good dirt for supplying the soil and the fertilizer and vermis
Terra for supplying the worm castings so I’ll put links in the video description
where you can find everything including discount codes if you want to get
started make sure you head to my website and pick up the salsa garden seed
collection we’re gonna have so much fun growing this together comment below let
me know if you’re gonna get one planted thanks so much for watching we’ll see
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