Creating a lush bowl if succulents is so
easy. Hi, I’m William Moss and I want to show you how to
create a colorful and textural bowl in four easy steps.
First let’s talk about succulents. Succulents are plants that have fleshy stems or
fleshy leaves. You can see some of these from these
examples we have up here. This is a Crassula or Jade plant. We’ve also got a sempervivum or hen and chicks and it is hardy up in cold weather areas. The same is sedum, which the very common wild covering, also a succulent. We’ve
got echeverias, and aeoniums. And they come in a wide range of colors and styles.
We need a bowl of course. We have to have a drainage hole in it and
we need a loose potting soil mix. It has to be well drained because these succulents don’t like their
feet wet. We’ll start with our focal point which would be the crassula. We’ll put it in the center. It’s going to grow the tallest. We’ll just drop him
down in and then we’ll just build a colorful mix all around it. And typically, I just pick based on
colors. So I’ve got sort of a red one there, I want to alternate, give me sort of maybe
a bluish one… for here.
The thing about succulents is there fairly interchangeable as you’re planning them.
And as far as maintenance goes you can’t
have a lower maintenance plant than a
succulent. variety is the spice of life when it
comes to succulents. You just add all these different ones in
and I wanna end with one of my favorites. This curly
leaf echeverria, that just looks so neat.
Now we’re going to decorate the top with some stones. And this course is a
very natural thing for the succulents to have around them.
They grow in stony rocky areas. So think about that when your placing them too. They want to be in an open space where they can get about six to eight hours of sun a day. So simple and so beautiful. Looks like it
came from a professional florists and now you know how easy it is!