[music] In today’s video we will see how to grow onions
in Whisky Barrels So onions can be planted in winter for a harvest
in late spring or summer Depending on the weather in your area Now I will not be going over the planting
details for onions as they are the same as garlic, which I just explained in my previous
video There are many ways to grow onions You can either use onion seeds that you can
buy from any garden center And then you can sow these onion seeds and
then transplant them when they are ready into bigger containers Or you can use onion sets which are basically
small onions That you can start in containers to get bigger
onions The onions that you see here have been started
from seed and then transplanted into this bigger container [music] Now onions use the same kind of soil that
garlic uses Nice and loose, with lots of compost But onions do grow bigger bulbs So they do need fertilizer as opposed to garlic
which can grow pretty much with no fertilizers added Use a nice balanced fertilizer for your onions The general rule to determine whether your
onions are ready for harvest is when the tops start falling off as you can see here So what you should do is once the tops start
falling off, just make sure you break the tops of all the other onions Now what this does is it signals dormancy What it means is that now plants stop forming
the greens And continue to form the bulbs and go into
dormancy This is the general life cycle of an onion It first produces a lot of greens And then the plant concentrates its energy
on producing the bulbs [music] So it takes about 1-2 weeks for the dormancy
to trigger in And for these 1-2 weeks, you just have to
wait patiently for the dormancy to set in And then get ready for harvest [music] So when you are harvesting the onions All you need to do is Just uproot them And just lay them by the side And this first step let’s them dry a little
bit Before you actually start the drying and curing
process And don’t worry, some of the bulbs will be
smaller than the others That’s just the way onions grow And I’ll tell you a neat tip that you can
use to something with your bulbs that are smaller And I’ll give you that tip towards the end
of the video [music] So do not wash the onions after harvesting
because you need them to be very dry before you start curing them So leave them on a sunny spot or maybe a partially
sunny spot like a window sill or something like that And let them cure It takes about 2 weeks for them to dry completely [music] So once the drying process has completed,
you will notice That almost all the leaves have turned completely
brown And then what you need to do is just cut off
the extra roots and the tops And just do that for all the onions that you
have [music] So here we go, that’s our harvest Nice big onion bulbs that you can store for
weeks to come And for the onion bulbs that did not grow,
you can use them as sets for your next season So I hope you liked this video And planting onions in whisky barrels lets
you grow a few onions And if you want to grow more, you can just
use multiple whisky barrels or grow them in raised beds with the same techniques And if you have any tips for growing onions,
please do leave your comments and feedback I would love to know from you what you have
in your mind What you do to grow great onions in your garden And I’ll see you again soon in another episode
of California Gardening Until then…Happy Gardening! [music]