How to Plant Tomatoes Bonnie tomatoes leave our greenhouses
with healthy foliage and well developed roots at the right
time for planting. Still, be sure to protect plants from
late frosts as tomatoes can be easily damaged by the
cold. Whether you choose to plant in the
ground in a raised bed or in a container, first enrich the soil with compost, aged leaves or other good organic matter.
When you’re ready to plant water your tomato plant well until you
see the biodegradable pot turn dark brown. Then dig a hole almost as deep as the plant is tall
because you’re going to bury a full two-thirds of your tomato plant. The buried stem will actually grow roots. Next get the plant ready by pinching or cutting off the lower leaves. Some
gardeners prefer to leave the leaves on the plant and that’s okay. But removing them gives you a cleaner
stem to work with and makes it easier to eyeball the depth
as you plant. Now remove the recyclable label from the
pot. Gently peel away the rim of the pot then
also remove the bottom of the pot to expose the roots so they will come in
direct contact with the soil. If the whole pot falls away that’s fine. Just crumble them to pieces into the hole
our compost them. Finally set your plant into the deep
hole so that only about a third is showing above ground. Refill the whole gently, patting the soil
to close up any air pockets. Then water well to settle the soil. For a
quick boost of nutrition, be sure to mix some Bonnie herb, vegetable and flower plant food in with the water. For more planting tips, please visit bonnie
Plants dot com.