In today’s video we are going to see
How to pollinate tomato plants for maximum yield
So there are two way to pollinate tomato plants that we will see today
The first technique is very easy, you do not need any tools for it
All you need is your hands to pollinate the tomato plants
And there is another way by using a battery operated toothbrush to pollinate the tomato
plants Out of these two methods, the second method
works the best in my opinion But let me show you both these methods and
then you can see which one works best for you
So the first method is to just use your hands to shake off the pollen on the tomato flowers
So just take a flower or two and shake them So that the pollen drops on the stigma
Which results in a fruit being formed So the second method to pollinate tomato flowers
is what I recommend and that is to use a powered tooth brush
You can get these powered tooth brushes anywhere They are pretty cheap
I think I got this for like 2 or 3 bucks Its one of those kid tooth brushes
So basically what you do is turn the tooth brush on
There should be a button somewhere at the bottom
And once you turn it on The tooth brush starts vibrating
So that’s what you use to pollinate the flower Now if you are wondering why we use a tooth
brush A vibrating tooth brush is exactly what a
bee does to a tomato flower in nature Now you might have bees near your place but
you might not have enough So this is another tomato plant growing in
a container And it has a lot of blooms as well
So let’s take this tooth brush And start pollinating a few of these flowers
So by manually pollinating the flowers We make sure that most of these flowers turn
into fruit That’s the whole idea
Let the bees do their job And then you do your job by manually pollinating
the rest And this will ensure that you will have a
nice, bountiful harvest So I hope this tip helped you
And hope you have a great harvest this season I’ll see you soon next time
Until then…Happy Gardening!