Today we’re going to look at how to propagate Christmas cactus, Zygocactus or use the botanical name Schlumbergia. Really easy plants the propagate and we’re using a cactus and succulent potting mix. And we’re going to propagate them straight into that, you can see we’ve already taken the cuttings and we’ll just go through how to to divide that up. We just had a visitor drop in he has comes to watch us propagate this cactus. One of the first things were going to do is to remove the flower buds, if you leave them on they tend to sap a lot of energy out of the plant and they don’t grow as well. So will snip them off and then we’ll show you how to divide up this segment. We like to divide the stems up into segments of two or three long so we’ll divide this up and we are probably going to get about five or six cutting out of this one piece. We’ve divided up into six cuttings now we’re going to show you here to put those into the propagating mix. It really is a simple as pushing about half of one of the segments then into the potting mix and firming around it. Some of the segments are a bit stronger than the others, but we think that they will all take. All you need to do now is water them in lightly and put them in a warm spot with not too much life and in about three or four weeks should start to form roots and show signs of new growth. Here as our Zygocactus cuttings around about 6 to 8 weeks week after we first struck them. You can see some really good new growth on some of the cuttings some smaller than others that’s to be expected. Now it’s time to start putting in a little bit of fertilizer, and as the weather is warming up so we should put some really good growth. We won’t transplant them just yet, we will let them get a little bit bigger so in another two months we’ll put them up into individual pots or hanging baskets and they will be ready to go and form great new plants. And with a little help from your friends i’m sure you can do this at home.