Hey today in this video, I’m going to show you how
to get rid of these nasty rust stains. So, a lot of times when people have
their own wells and irrigation. And the overspray creates these
orange rust in iron stains. Which is great for the grass but
is not good for your sidewalks. So I did a little research, and yes you can have
your sidewalks pressure washed. But the stuff that really gets off this brown rust stain. It sounds like a foreign street drug. It’s called White Ox. And you do not want to snort this stuff. This is some bad stuff. So there’s warnings all over it. But, White Ox I found at Ace Hardware for $10. [Fast Forward] I’ve been getting – Hey Maine
Management this is for you. I’ve been getting all your letters. So I’m following it, take my name off the list. All right come on Beckett let’s check this out. So we’re just going to let that sit there for
a second. And then check back. So this is the update of what the
White Ox results are on the sidewalk. So you saw whenever I spray that. Well there’s the results. And then over here I did another section. So all this section right through
here was the same brown color. And I sprayed all of it so big, big difference. So I hope that helps, you guys
are able to see the results. Now it’s time for me to get over
here and do these sidewalks. And then naturally. It’s going to take a lot of spraying
for that section, the next section. So two ways to avoid this, you can get a rust remover. Sort of a reservoir added to your irrigation system. So it will actually pre-treat the water. Before it’s sprayed out in your
yard and on your sidewalks. Or the second probably simpler solution. Is just to get the rotary heads
adjusted on your sprinkler system. So that probably needs to be done once a year. So get an irrigation person out here to adjust the head. So it’s not causing that overspray on the sidewalk. So I hope that helps. Hey, anything home related or real estate related. I’m your guy, I’m here to serve you. I’ll see you guys around the neighborhood. Thanks.