In the name of ALLAH, I am your host Aqdas Rehman Welcome you to your own channel Plants Insider Our today’s topic is how to repot Devil’s Backbone plant or repotting of Pedianthus plant In last video I talked about the care of this plant and about the watering of this plant and I have told you about my plan of shifting this plant in a bigger pot now in today’s video we will repot this plant from this smaller pot to this bigger pot Let me remove the plant from pot and share with you that what is the current condition of plant and how we will shift this to new pot See this I have removed plant and these are the roots of the plant and they were growing very well and there are many main roots and feeder roots as well and I have prune some roots too because many roots damaged during removal of plant from the container now we will plant this in a new bigger container place it in center and put soil around the plant this plant likes root bounding as I told you in the last video Anchor the plant well in the middle of pot with putting soil around it and press the soil from sides of the plant so that he plant anchored firmly in the soil and and not rocking after planting your plant in a new container give water to the plant completely like this fill the pot once so that soil get well moist and then will water it again when the soil will completely dry and plant will be stable and roots anchored well in soil and soil completely dried this it for now in the video we just repot this plant in this video and we are done with repotting if you like this video then please like and share this video and subscribe my channel, Go Green, Pakistan Green!