Okay. Now, you can use this…you can
do this by using a fertilizer spreader. They come in different forms. A cyclone
spreader which is like a disk and it drops it down, it spins it, and it kicks
it out. A drop spreader where it literally is in its container and just drops it
through. Also, you can get a little hand spreader which is
something you’d hold and turn and it just spreads it out, or
you could just do it by hand. Now, if you’re doing it by hand, a
good way to do it is to use some canes and mark out a square meter. Now, if
you’re putting on the fertilizer at 30 grams per square meter, you’ll need to
weigh out 30 grams and then by hand, just sprinkle it in that area and then
move on to the other one. Now, an easy… a better way to do this to get a more
even spread is to take that 30 grams, split it, and then put half on in one
direction and then take the other half and put it on in the other direction
to make sure you get an even cover. Now, this is going to take a long, long
time. So, I only advise you do that on a really, really small lawn.