I’m gonna show you how to aerate and top dress
your lawn. For that I need a mower, an aerator and safety
equipment, a rake, I need a hose and I need top dressing. The whole idea of aerating and top dressing
your lawn is to get it ready for spring and the growing season. Let’s get started by giving our lawn a mow. If you’re gonna top dress your soil it’s best
to aerate it first. Aeration makes holes in your lawn sometimes
removing plugs of soil. We do this so that water, air and nutrients
can get to the roots. And it also stops the top layer of the soil
from becoming too compacted. Go over the lawn methodically so nowhere gets
missed. It’s a good idea to overlap by up to 50%. Top dressing should be a fine quality soil,
nutrient and compost mix without any lumps or clumps. Spread the top dressing out in small piles
around your lawn, then use a rake to distribute it evenly over the whole lawn. Don’t forget your safety equipment, a good
mask, some goggles and some gloves. A bag of top dressing does about one to two
square meters. So you’ll know from the size of your lawn
how much you’ll need and don’t forget be safety conscious, look after your back. Now you need to spread the top dressing around,
use the back of a rake and get it to about one to two centimeters across your entire
lawn. After you’ve spread it around you need to
the check the level of the top dressing. You need to be able to see the grass coming
out through it, so it’s down near the roots. Once you’re happy with where the level of
the top dressing is you just need a hose or a sprinkler to water it in. There it is, it’s done. Don’t mow or walk on it for over a week and
you’ll have a beautiful lush lawn. And that’s how to aerate and top dress your