Cy-Kick is an insecticide that is effective
for up to 90 days, and controlls over 50 different insect pests, including ants, bedbugs, cockroaches,
mosquitos, spiders, and wasps. To use Cy-kick, first, thoroughly shake the
liquid concentrate. Next add the indicated amount of Cy-Kick to
an empty and clean sprayer tank. If you are applying for basic maintainence and prevention
treatments, use a half-ounce per gallon. For treating large infestations, add up to one
ounce per gallon. Add half the amount of needed water, agitate well, and add the remaining
water. Our regular 16 0z. bottle will make between
16 to 32 gallons of solution depending upon your particular needs. Cykick can be applied using a variety of sprayers,
but should not be used in fogging or misting systems. Outdoors, Cy-Kick is generally used as a permeter
and lawn treatment, as well as a surface treatment, like on porches and patios. Indoors, Cy-Kick
is used as a crack and crevice treatment. For more specific instructions for applying
Cy-Kick or other indoor/outdoor insecticides, be sure to watch our general insecticide spray
video titled “How to use liquid insecticide sprays.”