Deltagard is a powerful insecticide used to
quickly knockdown mosquitoes and flies in as little as 5 minutes. The product can be used to clear flying insects
away before outdoor events like weddings, concerts, and picnics, and is also popular
with livestock farmers. DeltaGard can be used around schools and neighborhoods
as it is a reduced risk product. To use DeltaGard, read the product label then
mix the appropriate amount of insecticide and water needed in an ultra-low volume sprayer,
also known as a ULV sprayer. Deltagard is compatible with handheld, backpack,
and truck-mounted ULV sprayers. The product can also be used undiluted. Then, walk or drive along the areas where
you want to control flying insects. Deltagard can safely be used in and around
grassy lawns, crops, parks, campsites, storm drains, playgrounds, golf courses, and neighborhoods. Pay special attention to areas where flies
and mosquitoes concentrate, like fences, the outer walls of buildings, and near trash
feed sites, underhangs, and on trees, shrubs, and foliage. Spray DeltaGard in the late afternoon when
insects are most active and there is very little wind. Always spray DeltaGard upwind while wearing
personal protection equipment, including gloves and long sleeves. Deltagard is safe to use in barns, chicken
coops, and other areas where cattle, poultry, and swine live. When treating indoors, be sure there is plenty
of ventilation and all food and water sources are properly covered. Animals may remain in place and do not need
to be removed during treatment. DeltaGard uses a special technology called
FFAST, or Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology, to reduce the evaporation rate of water droplets
sprayed with the insecticide. This allows the active ingredient to distribute
more evenly in targeted areas. To protect honeybees and other pollinators,
do not apply DeltaGard on flowering plants or where pollinators are active. DeltaGard has many applications and dilution
rates. Be sure to read the full product label carefully
to safely and effectively apply DeltaGard. And it’s that easy with the expert help
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