hi my name is set parkinson with proterra welcome to our video and today we want to show you how to use diatomaceous earth on your dog if your dog’s dealing with fleas, ticks, lice or mites then this is the product for you we here at ProTerra we promote and sell this product is called the DEsect pet for a few different reasons first this product is EPA registered we feel that that is very important especially when you’re dealing with your pet your dog that substantiates the insecticidal claims protect you as a consumer second this is a hundred percent diatomaceous earth there are no additives toxins poisons things of that nature it’s a special grade of diatomaceous earth that works very very well as an insecticide third the product is very user-friendly easy-to-grip lightweight and it’s got the flip cap which makes it very easy to apply to your dog so we’re gonna show you how to use this product ok so this is Mac this is the family dog and we decided a while back that we weren’t going to use anything on Mac that wasn’t gentle on him and so that’s another reason why we like DESECT pet so really it’s really easy to use all you need is the product and a wet rag and I’ve got out here so take the product and flip open the cap and it’s really a great opportunity to spend some time with your animal really because they loved the massage and you want to cover the whole body with the diatomaceous earth so it makes it very easy to use so we’ll just do a section at a time Max’s up max a pretty big dog and just want to work that in there and you don’t want to forget about all area so where the insects really are going to be is right up next to the skin so you want to work the hair backwards a little bit there and get that right up next to the animal skin it is a little bit dusty so you got to be careful make sure you don’t get it all over his face but you’re going to want to get up near the ears under the neck gonna want a massage all in the pits the underside of the dog and also right up next to the tail ok so once you’ve applied the powder to Mac he’s gonna he’s gonna shake a little bit of it often if there’s any extra you’re gonna want to wipe it as well so just get that off its ok to wipe it off the fur but again remember that you want it down there right next to the skin also it’s important to keep in mind that diatomaceous earth is a contact product meaning it needs to come into contact with the insect if it does it will dehydrate that insect Mac just so happens to not have fleas right now but we apply it as a repellent it will also work really well as a repellant and keep those insects off of him as these outdoors playing around also the life cycle of a flea is 30 to 45 days and so they’re always going to be a new adults during that time and so you’re going to want to apply maybe once a week for three or four weeks to make sure you hit all the all the adults stages also is it the the temperature starts to cool down max going to spend more time indoors and so you can apply this product to his bedding you can apply it to the carpet around his bedding indoors and really any place where max spends time if you’re dealing with insects so that it’s definitely an indoor product as well and the instructions are on the product and you apply it just as you would to the animal and then you can vacuum it up after maybe 12 to 24 hours and let the product get onto the insect thank you for watching our video about how to apply diatomaceous earth to your dog you can buy it online a www.pro-terra.com or you can visit your local pet store or a local farm and ranch store thank you