how’s it going everyone today I’m just
gonna be doing a video about how I, one way I feed my vegetable plants and thats from making manure tea its just getting any manure soaking in some water
and it creates a strong brew gets lots of the nutrients and good things out of
the manure and it just our plants take it up a lot quicker so my family a few
months ago got some trick manure from a guy that we know who runs a chicken farm
and so we went over there got a big trailer load full it’s still really too
wet and too fresh to use directly so one way to use it right now is by making
minuite okay so I’m gonna be making it in this bucket here got a half a bucket
um of mineral just fresh took Manila straighten the bottom as the manure is
being soaked in the water the nutrients are being dissolved from the manure and
into the water so this is how minuite is really quick fertilizer so plants take
it up very very quickly because it’s in a liquid form so minuites are really
great it doesn’t harm the soil as other fertilizers can do if you use too much
and it’s very very easy and cheap to make teach me like it can take me ten
minutes if I just want to make a weak weaker brute if not you can just let it
brew for an hour or so and then you just dilute it down very cheap as well and
and you can also use the leftover manure at the bottom just if it’s already aged
just chuck it on your garden beds or if not you just put it on in the compost
pile and a perfect compost it then it’s been about 15 20 minutes now and getting
some up doubt that much about half a bucket so that’s probably about four
liters bit under four liters pour some in here if I still go so that was there a few
particles and chunks in there but I got the rosette off so just um flow flow
through nicely I’ll fill it up this is dilute it down so it doesn’t burn the
plants roots just time to water the plants just apply directly straight to
the plants it just gives them this really good um
kick of nutrients and get I’ve noticed they get really good growth from the up
yeah just on and that’s a so as simple as that
just making an annuity like that thanks for watching if you have any comments
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that yet I really appreciate that and so yeah thanks for watching guys and I’ll
catch you next time