This video is about how weeds can be used in our garden. If you are new to the channel then don’t forget to like and subscribe. We have always had problems with the weeds in our gardens Usually, we cut these weeds and just throw them away. Others burn it as a protection against mosquitoes in the afternoon But did you know that your grass clippings can still be used in your garden? Let’s find out three ways this can be used so that you can benefit it in your garden as well. First: Composting The grass clippings, which are mostly water and are rich in nitrogen and phosphorus are a problem in compost bins as they tend to be compact and emit a strong odor. When it becomes compact it slows down its decomposition causing your compost to delay. To avoid this there are three ways to make it easier to decompose. Do not throw them together in the compost, preferably if you put a layer, on each 2 grass clippings layer put a brown layer. Let the herbs dry first before mixing them in the compost, thus making them easier to decompose. If the layer of grass clippings is thick thick it is best to reverse it every two or three days until you can see that it is starting to rot. Click the link above to know how to make
best compost the right way Second: Mulching Grass clippings are one of the most effective materials for mulching. Mulching is the way to maintain soil moisture. In the dry season, the soil will last longer because it will block sunlight. When using grass as mulch, just make sure the mulch is ¼ to ½ inches total. By doing so they begin to decompose before they release an odor. Excessive mulch can cause soil molds. Third: Liquid Fertilizer Now I will make liquid fertilizer using grass clippings. Grass clippings have long been used as fertilizers in the soil, thus returning nutrients to the ground. Just get a bucket and fill it with water The amount of water can already determine how much you need. Mix the herbs and mix well making sure the grass are well submerged then cover Put it in a shaded place Mix it well one to two times a day for good aeration By day three you can now apply it to your plants Do this once a month at your plants because this liquid fertilizer has bad odor, make sure to cover your nose if you are sensitive to its smell. If you liked the video click the subscribe button and notification bell.