hello everyone and welcome to another
episode of California Gardening
Today we’re gonna see how to use Neem Oil to control pests on corn silks as well as some other
vegetables so it’s a nice organic way to control
pests and insects in your garden in your vegetable garden, flower garden any where you’d like it So hope you enjoy this video So all you need is some Neem oil
concentrate that you can find at any home improvement stores or your local garden store and you’d also need A gallon sprayer to mix water as well as the Neem Oil that you can spray on your plants so when you start spraying the oil, make sure you spray and get all the the (corn) silk area wet the corn silks are very susceptible to pests of all sorts, so make sure you spray it well so that it just starts dripping around the leaves as well that should
give you a nice even layer of Neem around your plants and make sure you get the entire plan wet just look for all the corn silks that have formed the small ones, the big ones and you’ll also
notice that while you’re spraying everything that drips around the plant
is gonna keep the the edges as well as the the insides of the plant very free from pests.
And take your time in spraying properly you don’t want to hurry up in this Step.
Make sure you get the entire plant wet as well as I even try to spray the stems and the roots a little bit so just make sure you go or the entire
plants and spray it pretty well you know once again Neem is a really
good organically to control pests its I think one of the most amazing inventions ever so for me Neem works most of the time – it works really well but if you’ll feel you need
something else in addition I would suggest Spray with Neem Oil for about once in about 15 days and if you still feel you need some more if you still see insects, you can use another
organic pesticide called Spino-sad which I will probably cover in another video you can also use Neem Oil to spray all
your other veggies I’m spraying eggplants here.
I planted these 3 eggplants in 1 whiskey barrel And it’s great to grow them in whiskey barrels.
Eggplants grow really well You can plant up to three and the Neem Oil does a good job of keeping
all the critters away. So hope you enjoyed this video
and I’ll see you next time!