Riptide 5.0% Pyrethrin ULV is a powerful and
effective water-based concentrate that delivers a quick kill of more than 60 crawling and
flying pests. Riptide is widely used in mosquito and fly management as it dries quickly allowing
for a faster re-entry to the treated area and does not leave behind a messy, oily residue. Riptide is very versatile and is labeled for
use in over 150 locations including federally inspected meat and poultry plants, inside
animal quarters, warehouse facilities, stores, restaurants and residential areas. Riptide
can also be directly applied to cattle, chickens, sheep, and horses to control biting flies
and lice. Riptide can be use undiluted or diluted with
water. The product has a large range of usage rates depending on the treatment application
being performed. It is important to refer to the product label to determine the correct
usage rate for your needs. While Riptide cannot be used in thermal foggers,
it can be used in cold foggers, Ultra Low Volume misting machines, automatic Ultra Low
Volume systems, automatic mosquito misting systems and in hand held sprayers. Always be sure to refer to the Riptide product
label for complete instructions. And it�s that easy with the expert help
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