Hey it’s Heath from DoMyOwn.com. I’m here today to talk to you about how to get customized fertilizer recommendations
for your lawn and garden with the Soil Savvy Test Kit. with this easy-to-use
home test kit you take samples from your soil and send it in to a lab with your
prepaid envelope. The soil savvy test kit is going to test the pH of the soil
along with 14 crucial nutrients for the plant including nitrogen, phosphorus, and
potassium – otherwise known as NPK. Based on your email soil analysis, it’ll give
you recommended fertilizers as well as recommended rates for those fertilizers
to ensure that you’re not over applying or under applying the product. Each test
kit comes with a scoop, a sample collection jar, a prepaid addressed
envelope, instructions, and a sample submission card. You also need a small
hand shovel and/or a large bowl or bag. for the samples. Use your hand shovel to
remove about a quarter cup of soil from your yard. The soil should be taken from
near the surface of your lawn less than six inches below the grass. Remove any
roots, twigs, or grass from the soil and place the soil in your bag or bowl.
Repeat this step taking four to eight additional samples and then mix the soil
together. Using the scoop included with your soil savvy kit, add one level scoop
of your soil composite into the included sample jar. Do not remove the water or
the synthetic plant root capsule from the jar. Close the jar making sure the
lid is on tight so it doesn’t leak, remove the barcode from the side and
place it on your customer card. You will keep this section of your card for your
records. Fill in the label on the collection jar and complete the
laboratory submission card. Place the completed laboratory submission card and the jar inside the prepaid envelope, seal it, and mail your sample to the lab. Once
the lab has analyzed your soil, you will receive an email with your results. The
email will include the levels of the 14 different nutrients that can be found in
the soil. The result will also include your soils pH level and fertilizer
recommendations. Make sure that you use an NPK that is closest to your
fertilizer recommendations. Multiple soil savvy tests can be used if you have a
large property or different features to your lawn. For instance, if you want to
test the pH and nutrient levels of your back garden or your front lawn, you’d want to use one test kit for the garden and one
for the front lawn. Be sure to label where you collected your soil samples to
distinguish the results from your various tests. And it’s that easy with
the expert help from DoMyOwn.com. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out
our other product videos.