In the name of ALLAH, I am your host Aqdas Rehman Welcome you to your own channel Plants Insider In todays video we will talk about how we can apply white vinegar on Croton plant and how we can use it in Croton Plant and make the soil acidic, this is the white vinegar I have we will take it out in a cup here I have taken this out in a cup one cup white vinegar simple synthetic vinegar that we use in kitchen you can use of any company I have that vinegar so I am using this one cup white vinegar and 2 cups of water mix the vinegar in water if you are new in gardening and you are afraid of doing this that vinegar will harm your croton plant then you can it more dilute mix it well like this in a jug or any utensil and apply this solution in your Croton plant like this mixed in water and give it to your plant put it completely in your plant this will make the soil acidic for Croton plant and croton plant likes acidic soil and this plant grows very well in acidic soil now we have applied this in our plant I am very hopeful that this will make soil acidic and good for plant and plant will grow better in acidic soil and grow faster as well if you want to make it more dilute then you can add more water in this mixture and lower down the quantity of white vinegar upto half cup of vinegar and more water in it and apply to the plant this is the information that I have to share in this video will meet you in the next video with some more information till then GoodBye! if you like this video then press the Like icon share this video and SUBSCRIBE my channel Go Green, Pakistan Green!