So John we’re here in County Wexford its
St. Bridget’s day the first day of February. It’s a field of Quadra barley
we’re after getting about a thousand shoots per square meter inside in the ring here. What’s your programme for this field typically over the next
number of weeks? Well I suppose Tim, first of all when you look at the crop, we have no shortage of tillers we’ve got a 1000 we’re looking for a
minimum of 600 and probably something in around 700-750
would be absolutely ideal! So again from a Nitrogen perspective I wouldn’t be in a
race to get back into the field I’d say possibly for the crop thats in it, I will
be saying probably sometime into 20th – 25th of February coming in with maybe 40 to 50 kilos of nitrogen per hectare. That stage I’d probably come in
with my total P requirement as well depending on the compound that i’m using I may decide to come in with all the K or I might follow up put a bit of K later
on in the seasons. So any need to come in with a sprayer here John for plant growth
regulation or trace elements etc or what’s the growers plan? Weed wise we’ve got a
perfectly clean field. So from a weed perspective at the moment there’s no
need to come in to the crop. You’ll probably look at the crop again as the
season progresses and you might decide to come in maybe in March with a PGR just to even up tillers and what not. Thanks very much John.