Good morning, today we wish to show an hybrid grass that is innovative and is called Powergrass in comparison with another existing in the market we define hybrid grass a synthetic turf and a natural grass that live in symbiosis just like in the car industry where an hybrid car is powered by two energy sources you may watch this hybrid grass seeded 4 weeks ago and little by little, grows inside a synthetic turf now… is difficult to see the synthetic turf… but… with a close look you see this darker fibers shining on their side edges those are synthetic fibers that evidence the synthetic turf inside natural grass here next, we have the same system seeded last year you may see that grass is grown but you may ask why it looks that way? we have applied more fertilizer to burn out the grass to understand what is going to happen when natural grass gives away as you may see, roots are already grown deeply inside this jar this is natural grass… on the border where was less fertilizer, therefore grows well meanwhile in the middle where was burn out we removed dead grass to show you that, even when natural grass gives away remains synthetic turf that can stand the game untill the end of the playing season what we want to evidence with this video is the main difference of this system and an older one as we mentioned in the beginning practically, what is important to see even the worse case that may happen where natural grass may gets damaged completely either caused for extreme playing activity or caused for excess of fertilizer or simply because has been dry out that for any reason, was missing the water once dead grass is removed synthetic fibers will remain that we permit to play anyway for an example in this case we try little by little we pull up with certain strength we try to pull up the synthetic turf we see that still grass roots that have grown before, withhold synthetic turf stitched on the ground a really try with force, but I can not raise anything lets try to see better… this way is better understood here next, instead we have another hybrid grass system existing in the market, that we have taken from a competitor to test it and see its merit and limits you may see that grass has not a good look but this is because grass remain without water and has been dry out on the right part we can see grass that is less dry with some green leaves, that are trying to recover meanwhile on the left part we removed dry grass and frankly you may see that is left only synthetic turf even in this case, even if quality is not the best should be okay, anyway in case there was not, a defect that we want to evidence this particular defect, you may notice very easily doing the same operation like before pulling up a synthetic fiber, that simply comes out without any effort we can notice this easily, without any difficulty, because.. this synthetic fibers simply… are not tufted-lock you may see that slip off because they are tufted over a net as usual occurs on this types of carpets but, as you may see, is sufficient pull up the fiber that tufted, in an U mode and slips off completely, without any effort lets now try to see the carpet also below to understand to better understand the problem lifting up, here we can see, even we still have the roots grown somehow… we can see that on the net the fiber… has no sign of any lock in fact, if we take from the top the fiber slips off as if nothing had happened they continue to slip off untill all of them come out completely all of them there no resistance of the fibers because simply, as you may see, are not tuft-locked lets turn back, to verify again this thing on the new hybrid grass so you can see, that even if we pull hard to lift up everything… we can move it but we can not in any case, with any force, tear any fiber from synthetic carpet I would say that at the end… we understood that substantially, in this system, once… for any reason, natural grass gives away you can always go simply to scarify and move the sandy infill put few more seeds and irrigate to let them grow in case we did that 3-4 days ago and we now wait when grass grows little by little to recover everything like before just as this new one you see here next Thanks you all! Arrivederci!