I’ve been at CDC for 14 years. I work for the Division
of Vector-Borne Diseases in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m a Research Entomologist. I study mosquitoes and the
best way to control them, including the impact of
insecticide resistance. My path to public health
arose because I love insects, I love helping people, and becoming a Medical
Entomologist was a way that I could put the two
together to do something I love. If I didn’t work for CDC,
I have two dream jobs. The first would be to work in a
local mosquito control program and the other would
be to be a librarian. So, I remember a situation
where I went to Miami to work on a Zika virus outbreak
and I had to attend a city council meeting
to discuss mosquito control. That’s a topic that can
be very controversial and so there was a lot of
shouting, there was a lot of anger, the media was
there so people were on edge, and it really made
me feel intimidated. But the next day, when I was
working in the community, there were a lot of people who
came up to me and thanked me for the work that
I was there doing and so it really made
me feel much better, like I was having a positive
impact on the community. I get to help communities
control mosquitoes, which protects everyone from
mosquito-borne diseases, and that’s one of CDC’s goals. I’m Janet McAllister
and I am CDC!