Hey folks it’s Christine again. Today on In the Weeds we are traveling to
our local co-op, City Market in Burlington, VT. We’re really excited to be sharing a little
bit about Botany on Your Plate, which is a fantastic curriculum that talks about all
the different plant parts we eat. So lots of times when I’m working with students
in the classroom, they don’t realize that when we’re eating different fruits and vegetables,
we’re often only eating one part of the plant. And doing really fun tasting activities, so
going out into the garden and looking at different plants, and pointing out the plant parts we
eat can be a really fun activity. So we’re in our produce section, and we’re
looking at some peas. Which if you were to open up these pods and
eat them, you’d be eating the seeds of the plant. Eating some carrots, you might be eating roots. Cucumbers, you’re actually eating a fruit
part of the plant, even though we might call it a vegetable botanically. Peppers are also a fruit parts of the plant. We have some, hmmm, brussel sprouts which
are flowers. And some asparagus, which are stems. So it can be really fun to either do this
in your garden, or even go into your own cafeteria and take a look at your salad bar, and you
can use some of the lessons from Botany on Your Plate to have a discussion about the
plant parts we eat.