Hi I’m George. In this video we make an experiment as you can see I prepare the food, do some kind of salad. but Look what we do Boil carrots with potatoes must boil carrots, still little and we will use this water to plants So I do an experiment on bananas in this boiled water must contain nutrients so that fertilizer was cold, and I put it in this bottle and look what color it is, Now we have to water the two bananas which I obtained from seeds, and we will see how it will feel further with potato and carrot fertilizer I think it will feel good, as this fertilizer has many minerals, nutrients and so we will pour the fertilizer but not much and and I will water every week we see how the banana will evolve so I will put to light Now let’s pour this natural fertilizer do not think that is wine, not wine So we have these two bananas We will experimenting with these bananas It has a label: Musa helen’s hybrid 2015 and we put fertilizer in once per week Now pour fertilizer pour a little here well, enough and this pour a little more because is bigger enough and we will see how it will develop, will have to grow older leaves wider ready for today, thank you for watching I hope my banana trees to be beautiful so leave a like, distribute this video and subscribe to my channel and if you want subscribe to my channel secondary ChinaSnow So I wish you a good day See you next time Bye 🙂