Hello Friends! In today’s episode, we will test and review
the best plant identification app by testing it on some of my garden plants from easy level
to difficult level and then finally calculate it’s accuracy in identifying plants. At the end of this episode, there is a giveaway
of 10 VIP or pro subscriptions of this App. All that’s Coming up. Before we start the actual test, We must know
the importance of identifying a plant and its family. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this
information is crucial for proper care and management of a plant. And Misidentification of a plant can sometimes
bring potentially serious consequences and might even lead to death of a plant. Today’s Video is sponsored by PictureThis – An Android and iOS App that claims accuracy of upto 90% which is Great! You can download and install this app from
Android playstore or from iOS app store. Now we will test this app for accuracy by
testing few plants in our garden and give 2 points for each correct identification. But before that, lets quickly glance at some
great features of this App. The Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)
and deep learning technology of PictureThis App can quickly scan the plant and recognize
the plant almost instantly within seconds. This is so important specially, if you are
visiting a nursery to purchase some plants for your home and garden. I have discussed these nursery buying tips
in a detailed video, you can check that link at the end screen of this video. Well, this app not only identifies the plant
but also provide more details about the plant like the Care tips, its genus or family, planting
time, bloom time, watering and sunlight requirement and many other details which are very useful
for any gardener. It also displays a gallery of additional images
and videos of the plant and maintains a record of your Collected Plants for future reference. It also has other advanced features like locating
the identified plant distribution on google map. Then it also has a Community tab to learn
by discussion and sharing of plant pics and tips. And moreover, they have exclusive support
and care for their members. Having said that, now let’s start testing
this app and find out its accuracy. We will test few plants and give 2 points
for each successful identification and finally calculate its accuracy as a percentage. Let’s Begin with our first plant:
1.Coleus: Just point at the plant leaves and shoot! There you go! Correct identification! + 2 points! You can also scroll to read on other details
like care tips, classification, more images and other stuff. Now lets try this on a common plant like:
2.Hibiscus: Just point and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! That’s easy. Now the next one is:
3.Garden Rose: Just point and shoot! And.. That’s alright! It has identified this as miniature rose,
That’s okay. So, We will give +1 point! Now the next plant:
4.Ficus Benjamina or Weeping Fig: Just point at the leaves and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! Perfectly Identified! Then the next plant:
5.Sanseviera or the Snake Plant: Just point and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! That’s Perfect! Well, Now the next one:
6.Anthurium Plant: Point and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! Now the next one:
7.Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora: Just point and shoot! Oops! Wrong Answer! This is a failure. 0 points! Next! 8.Donkey’s Tail – Sedum Plant: point and shoot! This is great! + 2 points! Now the next one:
9.Mother of Thousands: Point and shoot! And There your go! + 2 points! Perfect results! Now the next one:
10.Euphorbia Mili or Christ Thorn: Point and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! Perfect! Now the next one:
11.Poinsettia: This may be difficult, because this is not red colored. Lets see! WoW! This is perfect! +2 Points. Now the next one:
12.Rubber Plant: Just point and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! This was shot in low light condition. But still got full points. Well, Now the next one:
13.Vinca or Periwinkle: Just point and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! Now the next one:
14.Plumeria or Nag Champa: Just point and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! Now the last one:
15.Kalanchoe Variety: Just point and shoot! There your go! + 2 points! So, Now lets Total our Results. We got 27 points out of 30. That means an accuracy is 90 %. That’s
really awesome for any Artificial Intelligence software or an app. You can download or install this app from
links given in the description below. We will also giveaway 10 pro or VIP subscriptions
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