This video is part of a series of tutorials
on how to use the PICOL database. In this video, we will explain what PICOL
is and describe the services it offers. The On-Line Pesticide Information Center,
or PICOL, is a cooperative project supported by the Washington State Department of Agriculture,
the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon State University, and Washington State University. Its goal is to provide a free, searchable
database of all pesticides, including adjuvants, that are registered in Washington and Oregon. The information contained in the database
is tailored to users in the Pacific Northwest, so not all crops or application sites will
be listed. The electronic labels retrieved from PICOL
can only be used for informational purposes. PICOL information has no legal status, whereas
the container label is a legal document, and must be followed at all times. The PICOL Home page can be found at, and is shown here. The most popular service PICOL offers is the
ability to search the database for a variety of information listed on product labels. To do this, you should select “Searches”
from the menu on the left. The “Quick” option takes the user to the
Quick Search page. This page has a simple filtered search option
on the right, as well as several one-click “Express” searches on the left. The “Advanced” search option takes the
user to a more complex search interface with more filters and customizable search terms. To learn more about searches check the video
description or the Help section of our website. The “Lookup” section has term lists for
most searchable categories in PICOL. If your search doesn’t return what you need,
check the lookup to make sure you are using the correct terms. Everyone has the option of creating a free
account. This gives you the ability to personalize
your default search filters or request an API key. The API Documentation section has information
to help developers use the PICOL database with their apps. And finally, the Help section includes frequently
asked questions, tutorial videos for how to use the PICOL database, and links to outside
information. Hopefully this has clarified what the PICOL
database is and how it can be used. Bear in mind that new features may be added,
so things may not look exactly like what you see here. If you have any questions, feel free to email
us at picol (dot) info (at) wsu (dot) edu. You can also scan the QR code located on the
screen or watch more of our tutorial videos. For status updates on the database and news
about the pest management community, consider checking us out on Twitter (@PICOL_mgr) or
Facebook (@WSU.WSPRS). Thank You.