Let’s talk about fields, just one acre farm land which is about the size of a football field can produce over 9,000 pounds of Iowa corn. but this isn’t a field it’s a lawn and by the looks of it it’s rather shabby one. What can we do about this lawn? Well most of us would start off by adding this to our lawn every couple months. We could use this control the weeds and this to kill the insects. Then we could use this or just wait for mother nature to make it rain in the precipitation kind not the cash kind. Anyway the point is water will find its’ way to your lawn when it leaves it’s taking some of these lawn care products with it. A field is bigger than a lawn, much bigger. Farmers need the same basic products to help their crops grow but in different proportions. For example, the amount of undiluted herbicide an average farmer use on one acre of land could fit in this coffee cup. Whatever the case, for environmental and economic reasons most farmers would tell you they’d like to use even less. Iowa corn farmers working together with the Iowa Department of Agriculture the Iowa DNR, Iowa State University, cities and industries, have developed the nutrient reduction strategy. Along with implementing best practices to improve water quality. This is a voluntary program and more work needs to be done but it’s a step towards balance. We all want plush green grass in our lawns it looks fantastic, more importantly we want clean safe water to drink and bathe in. All Iowans farmers and non-farmers alike can help protect Iowa’s water quality. So let’s all do our part. For more info on water quality go to iowacorn.org/waterquality