Hello friends, will introduce you to another patient today! what is your name? “My name is Amardeep Sharma” Where are you from? “Madhya Pradesh” Which District? “Bhind District” When you came Amardeep, what was the problem at that time? “The problem was, the creatinine level was not decreasing, it was 5 mg/dl. When I came to Delhi, it was 7 mg/dl. I was advised for Dialysis, like I have to get dialysis. Then I got to know about Karma Ayurveda, and came here for the treatment” Previously, you were also facing a lot of physical problems? “Yes, he was not able to eat. He used to vomit every time he eats anything” She will be able to explain better! “If he used to eat anything, it would instantly reverse, and he was only able to digest milk and apple” okay, he was not able to eat and drink at that time “But now, he is able to eat and things are getting stable again. Moreover, after the treatment, the creatinine level came down to 4.40 mg/dl” Means, creatinine level came down and symptoms also got reduced What did doctors said at that time? “The doctors said that only kidney transplant is the last option available We also consulted a hospital in Delhi. At that time creatinine increased to a dangerous level. “Apart from that, no medicine was available, doctors said that transplant is the only option left” Did you face any problem in managing duty and health problems? “Its been 6 months now I didn’t go for my job” Previously you were posted in Srinagar? “Yes, Srinagar and then Jharkhand, but I could not go due to health issues” Excellent changes can be seen. The creatinine level was 5.70 mg/dl, he was undergoing dialysis, and urea was also high, doctors have strictly advised for transplant On 21 Aug 2019, Creatinine was 5.70 mg/dl and urea was 168.83 After 1.5 months, in October, creatinine came down to 4.42 mg/dl and urea to 102.80 And in November, creatinine came down to 3.75 mg/dl and urea reduced to a significant level. You can see how creatinine step by step, report by report it kept on decreasing and now the patient is completely out of dialysis protocol Many such kidney patients have joined us, who were facing a lot of problems. Positive results can be seen, and creatinine also decreased, everything improved tremendously. What message would you like to give Amardeep? “I would like that if someone is troubled by kidney problem then come here, trust Ayurvedic treatment” This is Amardeep Sharma who was troubled by kidney failure problem , he was on dialysis, and fistula was already made. But now fistula is of no use, dialysis is not required, transplant not required