Nettles are growing so we have to use them! Today I will show you how to make liquid nettles fertilizer natural nettle fertilizer we need to collect the right amount of fresh shoots and leaves 1 kg per 10 liters of water, 2 liters per 20 liters of water ratio 1:10 I recommend collecting it with rubber gloves 🙂 when we collect it we should weigh it so we would know how much water we have to use place the dish in a shaded place I have a 120 liter container I throw 6 kg of nettles I use 60 liters of water I knead nettles before you have to get a bit tired;) but this is worth it I pour water over it that water covers all nettles about 5-8cm above nettles we cover the dish tightly and leave for about 2 weeks. We look into the dish every day an mix it inn the other movie I will show you how to use it such fertilizer Best wishes anna