Just play those four chords from that Flo
rida song There used to be different hits now we recycle
one and play it ad nauseum
None of my fans give a damn cus they’re stupid and young
(dumb dumb dumb dumb young and dumb) Their brains have gone numb
(numb numb numb our brains are numb) Cus thinking is dumb
(dumb dumb dumb dumb books are dumb) Do what I say every day, and your gonna die
dumb Let’s chug some rum with our bums, and make
sure we die young. Back Yard Wrestling
Falling off of balcony’s Tweet your twat. Text and drive.
Drinking vodka through your eyes. Ain’t got no weed but we got plant fertilizer.
(YOLO) Can’t get no beer so we drink hand sanitizer
(Oh no.) Screwed a ghost cus I’m such a freak
Or maybe it was some dude in a sheet I dress like a truck stop whore
Your daughter loves me, and she’s four I was a hot mess. Now I’m just a plain mess
I must confess that some nights I just want to go home
And read a book all alone It’s possible that we might grow up and die
old (No no no we won’t get old)
That’s what I’ve been told (No no no you can’t go home)
I’m getting a cold (dumb dumb dumb dumb we’re still dumb) You’re living hard while you’re young, and
it’s making you old MOM
That boob tattoo’s gonna droop and be unreadable. KE$HA
Trainwrecks state your creed TRAINWRECKS
Never sober never clean KE$HA
Out the cab flash the vag Set the women’s movement back
Still don’t care about my personal hygiene (pew)
A raccoon family is nesting in my jeans (cute) If you act like a moron for fun (duh)
Pretty soon you will become one (huh) Slowly getting back at our fathers
Let’s sing all my songs on top of each other Don’t Stop- Take it off -DJ –Bla bla-Tik
Tok We R Who who we R stop talk talk talk talkin blooooooooo is my drug (repeat)