Good day ladies and gentlemen Today I put a few cows dry, or send them on maternity leave I can use two things for drying them out. This is the Orbeseal And this is the Orbenin extra dry cow. This is an antibiotic, this green one isn’t The Orbeseal, the name says it all, that seals the teat so that bacteria can not enter the teat I only use antibiotics in cows that have too high a cell count The cell count … let me think ….. is the number of white blood cells in the milk In the milk tank that may never exceed 400,000 That is allowed elsewhere in the world, but not in Western Europe, hence West europe has the best dairy in the world This lady can go on maternity leave As you can see, the udder is not that big anymore and the robot is struggling to connect it The beauty of this robot is that I can also close it by hand, just like in a milking parlor the robot sends the cups on and I connect them I will show you later how it goes further Okay, this cow is ready, the milk is being pumped out and the cups are being cleaned I’m gonna use a sealer for this cow The nasty of that stuff is, it is half full of air. I think something can be made up on that But you can get it out easily, just press I disinfect the teat first with a hygienic cloth Officially it must be done differently, but I do it like this That stuff is like silicone, very sticky You pick up the teat, I do not know if it is visible You pick up the teat in this way and then you put it in. But I’m righty, so I can not do it this way And that’s four. You start with disinfection on the other side and work this way and treat it on this side and work the other way to not contaminate the teats again The cow is now automatically in a separation loft, I will show it Here are the ladies behind the fence. I have dried a total of seven They have to go over there, where that one cow stands alone, I only had one dry cow They must pass by here, so these ladies have to get out of the way first This is the other robot. It works well at the moment, I am happy with that. If it does not work well, you are less happy with it Okay, ladies, lets go Now I have open the gates This is an easy one But this gate is actually too heavy and therefore it does not work well Now that other gate can go up and the ladies can go to this loft This works rather nicely For some reason it must always go fast, why do not I know, but it is always like that Let’s close the gate They stay here between six to eight weeks So now they are really on maternity leave. they do not produce milk now so that all attention can go to the calf Hopefully you likes it, please hit the like button If you have a question, then comment, And if you haven’t subscribed yet, give it some serious thougt Also, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Alle Alex the Dairyfarmer. Thanks for watching