The best way to have a radiant and healthy skin Is to keep it well hydrated and nourished there is a lot of information about it but mainly commercial this causes that sometimes the information turns out confusing Today I will talk about skin hydration I’ll give you some advice about skincare what really works follow my video Hello friends, my name is Andres Andres Brieva I’m a doctor and I work in aesthetic medicine as well Today I would like to talk about skin hydration In the market, there are hundred of creams that promise to nourish and hydrate our skin Even us, as doctors, recommend creams with urea and emollients or some other ingredients to keep the skin hydrated But… I will tell you a secret water… makes things wet It looks simple
and it is But we have to involve other factors that participate in the skin hydration ok, let’s take the urea as a referent Urea is something that we medically recommend to hydrate the skin Let’s do an experiment We are going to take some urea, some water and let’s see what happens Don’t try this at home absorbent paper Still dry Urea …. no moja Can not provide hydration Absorbent paper water Urea is simply a compound a nitrogen compound that is produced after proteins’ metabolism our own proteins as well
when we eat our metabolism produces urea and for sure you have seen it on the blood results that your doctor requested but we can produce urea as well in an artificial way we can do it in laboratories and we use it for commercial porpoises like producing fertilizers or creams
… cosmetic creams However, if we talk about skin hydration we have to differentiate between the two important layers of the skin we have to hydrate the epidermis and we have to hydrate the dermis As we know the two layers has different characteristics and different functions whereby we can not treat them in a similar way the management is totally different Let’s start with the epidermis remember that in the epidermis there are cells that once born leave the basal layer and start to die they start…. to dry
like a raisin and at the end they form dry armours the addition of these armours forms the barrier that protects us Therefore
applying creams, substances or even water over a dead surface it’s not very smart Also, because of its barrier function these armours joint between them avoid that external substances get across our skin If not… it would not make sense its barrier function not even water manages to cross it In that case the best treatment for dehydration or for the thirsty sensation would be to take a shower or get into a pool or a bath but no… we must drink liquids (water) Here is something important because of biochemistry, we know that we know that proteins retain water and when putting water against our skin the skin’s proteins (keratine) retain some water but it will be temporarily Or, do you remember when you go to the pool or to the beach and develop wrinkles in your fingers and in your toes? If you want to know why we develop skin wrinkles when prolonged contact with water…
I will explain you at the end of the video Well, Now that we know this Knowing that our cells peal and that they are dead cells The only part of the Epidermis that receives hydration,
is the Basal layer A layer of single cells If you want to know more
about this interesting skin layer you can check my video: “keratinocito’s sad story” there I talk more about the function of this layer, the epidermis But well, why does it seem that creams work? even the urea that we already saw that… doesn’t hydrate well now that we know that epidermis is group of dry dead cells like armours we can assume that the sensation at touch is harsh something rough like touching a callosity,
imagine that Well, creams work smoothing the epidermic surface like when we polish our car we put on wax to make it glow Urea has a keratolitic effect this means it destroys the keratin, the protein of the epidermic cells It destroys the protein in the cells which are in contact that is, in the cells of the surface And once it’s destroyed, it leaves a flat smooth layer
of dead cells… … but flat with a more pleasant consistency at the same time the remaining destroyed protein is added to the oily barrier of our skin to prevent dryness to not lose water Now the dermis is the inner part of our skin the part in contact with our circulation it is the part that gives the shape and the structure to our skin but as I mentioned, it receives circulation and in that way can take water from the circulating blood However this is not completely great because unfortunately skin is not a vital organ and the body will decide what part needs hydration and nutrition first before the skin Because of this
being healthy is shown within healthy skin The best way to hydrate your skin is keeping you hydrated If you are hydrated you can bring fluids to the dermis and to the basal layer of the epidermis as well In some special conditions we have to help our skin we have to give it nutrients and hydration There are some medical ways to do it But sadly it is difficult just with creams I will talk about this later, medical ways to give skin nutrition and hydration Follow my channel we will talk about it It’s important remember as well that a new cell today will arrive to the surface in approximately one month So,
any change that you make today will not obtain any result before that time you will have to wait
you will have to be patient If you want to still use creams go ahead I can’t say that they will not help but as I explained its part in the hydration and in the nutrition of skin is very poor If you don’t want to waste your money get good advice search for someone to guide you about the best creams Finally I’m gonna explain you why we get wrinkles when in contact with water for a long period Image that you are in a place with many people that you are all very tight, squeezed Well, this is how the cells in our epidermis are the keratinocits are joined, tight, pressed against each other because they need to work as a barrier,
not allowing anything to cross But suddenly their inner proteins start traping water
and start to swell gaining volume
start getting full What do you think will happen In that crowd of people if everyone start to grow Well, there will not be enough space and they will start to change shape they will adjust to their sides some will step over others The same happens in our skin It starts changing shape to suit new conditions …And gets wrinkled… Fortunately it is temporary again,
that water is not hydrating us we will lose it after a few minutes and we will stay in line again protecting us from the exterior this is why I hope you enjoyed this video and you found it useful Use creams smartly don’t fall into the commercial trick to waste money If you want to know more about this topic or about similar ones… you know to
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