What you need to know about Land Rover AdBlue. New rules and new technologies mean the latest
Land Rovers are better for the environment than ever. One way our engineers have achieved this,
is with Selective Catalytic Reduction. A special Diesel Exhaust Fluid called AdBlue is added
to your exhaust system. Adblue turns harmful Nitrous Oxide emissions into water and other
harmless gases. To work properly, the AdBlue levels in your
Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank have to be maintained. We’ll top up your Adblue as part of your
service plan, but you may need to do it yourself, especially if your mileage is higher than
average. So, if you see one of these warnings on your
message centre before your service is due, you’ll need to purchase an Adblue refill
from your local Land Rover retailer. Remember, if you ignore these warnings, your
vehicle will prevent you from starting your ignition. You’ll get plenty of notice before
this happens. To top up your Adblue, open your boot or bonnet and
find the filling cap along the edge of the engine. Remove the cap and take the lid off your Adblue refill bottle. Insert the bottle and turn it clockwise until
you hear a click. Then, push it down until it’s empty. Turn the bottle anti-clockwise, remove the
empty bottle and, finally, replace the cap. For more information, take a look at your
owner’s manual or talk to your local retailer.