We’re going to pot one of these little periwinkles
up. What I’ve done is I’ve put one layer of rock into the bottom- that’s to insure
drainage. Now we’re going to put about two inches of soil in, some nice potting soil.
Now we can put the plant in. and backfill with more potting soil, making sure that you
press down really well, just like when you plant in the ground. You want to make sure
that there’s no air pockets left in your pot.

Choose your container size so that
once the plant is planted, you still have lots of room in the top. This keeps you from,
when you water, it keeps the water in the soil inside the pot. If you fill it up too
much, it’s going to run over the side. And not only will that make a mess, but your plant
will dry out faster. Very firm. A little bit more soil. I want to make sure that the root
ball is well covered as well; I don’t want any of the root ball left exposed. I’m going
with a little all-purpose time released formula. And then we’ll water with our root stimulator.
You want to initially water you potted plant quite a bit and that perk through. This way
the soil is getting wet all the way to the bottom. Notice that it’s beginning to drain
out the bottom now. That’s what you want to see.