hi guys Joe here from Lawn Solutions
Australia. As you can probably tell it’s very windy here today which makes it
difficult to demonstrate lawn care. This is perfect however because today we’re
going to explain to you exactly what not to do during the wind. we’ll be doing
this all the while trying not to get blown away. First of all and most importantly
avoid spraying any chemical on your lawn during wind, even the slightest breeze
can cause spray drift which is not only a waste of chemical and money but also they’re bad for the surrounding environment. In order to get an even application and
avoid a patchy lawn it is important your fertiliser spreads across the area
evenly and once on the ground doesn’t get blown away before it is able to go
deep into the soil profile. Wind dries things out very quickly and makes it
almost impossible to keep the water from your irrigation or your hose from
falling where it is intended. Make sure you turn off any irrigation if it’s on a
self-timer and also avoid hand watering unless you want to end up drenched and
waste a whole lot of water at the same time. After a few windy days if it has
died down this is a good time to rehydrate your lawn by giving it a few
nice deep soakings if water restrictions permit. So if it is windy maybe just
stick to what wind is good for and go fly a kite instead or better yet stay
inside and check out the Lawn Solutions Australia website for more helpful lawn
care tips and advice and don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel. Thanks for
tuning in to Lawn Solutions Australia we hope to catch you next time.