(playful music) – So I’m fertilizing because my fertilizer tech went to college. He gave me plenty of notice. He gave me so much notice that I thought I could put up a job post
and look for somebody that’s like super experienced. And I held off and held off, and I never found that person I needed. So my guy left, now I gotta go do it. (soft rock music) (water rushing) This has got heavy weed treatment in it and a surfactant called PS804 so that it sticks to the plant. It actually stays hurting the
plant, the herbicide, longer. I have to wait for whatever’s in the hose to empty out into the tank that it was in, and once it starts to change, I can start mixing the tank I just used. It’s got a greenish tint to it. Once it starts to get
clear, I’ll make the switch. Now I’m mixing the tank,
getting it to cycle through. While it’s doing that, I’m gonna make sure I have gloves, water, and
all that kind of stuff. Probably enough for now. (upbeat electronic music) This particular application is
called heavy weed treatment, and it’s designed with no
fertilizer, just weed killer. I totally have the tank mixed
for a different kind of app. I’ve got to cycle it through
like we did over before. I would probably call that a
rookie move, a rookie mistake. (upbeat electronic music) Hey guys, thanks for watching. Click subscribe, I really appreciate it, and share, hit the bell, so you’ll keep up with all the new stuff. Thanks.