Welcome to this short video on the Kiwicare LawnPro Lawn Thickener. There are several products in the LawnPro range that come supplied with an integral, easy to use, Even-Flo spreader unit. Watch our short video on how to use the Even-Flo spreader. LawnPro Lawn Thickener in an innovative product for easy application of lawn seed and fertiliser to lawns where there are bare patches, or the lawn has been stressed through a long hot summer or cold winter period. The seeds are coated with wetting agent, fungicide and bird deterrent. 2.8 kg covers 100 m2 The fertiliser is a combination of immediately available and slow release nutrients to give quick germination and continued strong growth. The NPK ratio of the fertiliser is 6 – 2.5 – 3.7 Lawn Thickener also contains: For best results Lawn Thickener should be applied spring and autumn But it can be applied year round. Remove thatch from the lawn before application. And rake lightly after application to get seed to the soil level. Within a few days you will see the existing grass look greener and healthier and after about a fortnight the patches will fill in and thicken. You’ll end up with a beautiful, healthy, green grass lawn. Watch our other videos on the LawnPro products with the Even-Flo spreader.