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are Leaf Miners and How to organically Control or eliminate these leaf miners infesting your
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so that you wont miss any updates. So… What are Leafminers? Leafminers are very tiny larvae of a variety
of insects like flies, moths and beetles. Leafminers do not actually cause major injury
to the infested plant, but rather give an unattractive zig zag type of leaf mined look
to the plant. The leaf miner larvae live inside of the leaves,
feeding on the soft, inner plant tissue found between the upper and lower sides of the leaf. This mining pattern of zig zag lines on the
leaves are produced as they eat along the infested leaves. These can be seen in any plants in your garden,
particularly common if you are growing tomatoes and other vegetables. Although leafminers rarely kill or seriously
injure a plant, it will give it an unpleasant appearance and hence their control or elimination
is important. Also they can be destructive to young plants
and seedlings if infested. If plant is too much infested, it can end
up in leaf drying or plant drying. Also if it is an edible plant it can be a
frustration for the home gardener looking forward to enjoying the vegetables of his
labors! Well now lets look at Leafminer Control
The First and best solution is the Neem oil. Now How to use Neem Oil for Leaf Miners? Spraying neem oil can disrupt the life cycle
of these insects because coating with neem oil can prevent them from feeding on the leaves
and hence they cannot grow and fly resulting in their demise. Spraying to be done in the evening hours and
Always do a patch test on a leaf before using neem oil, because higher concentrations can
burn the plant foliage. Also do not use other chemical sprays simultaneously
if you are using neem oil. So How much Neem oil to Mix in Water: You
can mix about 5 ml to 10 ml max in 1 litre of water. You can add few drops of liquid soap like
dish wash liquid for the surfactant effect and better application and coating. You can Repeat after 3 days and then every
week till everything is eliminated. So, there we have it folks, That was a short
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