[ MUSIC ] Beyond its agronomic impact, LESCO
Moisture Manager can help grow your business. One of my contractors has to
guarantee their plants for a year. So it gives them a peace of mind using
Moisture Manager that they’re not going to be replacing a lot of dead plants. It adds another revenue stream that they can suggest to their customers. The easiest thing that we found now is to incorporate your granular product in the planting
bed, till it in and then plant right over the top. And that works fantastic for us. We watered it, then put it down and watered it in heavy, and after three weeks of no
water whatsoever, we’re still able to bring the grass back without having to
reseed. We really saved our our whole resort. Why recommend moisture manager? It allows us to dry the track down
considerably for racing and not show the drought stress that you would normally
see. Here in the Texas territory, it’s helping with some of the drought issues
due to the lack of rain. Moisture Manager has been a great, great add-on for a lot of our nursery install people. We spray it right before we overseed, so instead of having to water the field, you know, four or five times a day to keep the seed moist, I can cut the water back to about two cycles a day. Save water Competitors,
turf looks so much better than theirs. One of the factors is because they
are using Moisture Manager. It saves water by holding the water near the root zone,
which really benefits the health of the plants. I just sprayed 100 gallons of it
last weekend in the rain, so I could utilize the rain, and I know I’m good for
three months. And it works. That’s all I can tell you. You’ve heard from your peers. Now
it’s time to take the next step. Visit your nearest SiteOne Landscape Supply
store today and start putting the water saving power of LESCO Moisture Manager
to work for you. [ MUSIC ]