Ray: LLLLLLLLET’S PLAY Jack: We are cops Micheal: Who’s we? Gavin: Cooops Jack: Ryan, Myself, and Geoffrey Ryan: Ehhhh it’s a GTA 4 Let’s Play Geoff: That’s the enthusiasm of come to love from all of you. Jack: It’s time to ghost Michael: Well what do you want to do Geoff? You wanna be like let’s play woooo Jack: It’s time to Patrick Swayze Michael: Dude it’s cops ‘n crooks let’s get to work right. Let’s play Geoff: Alright let’s do it Gavin: Lads vs. team Gents Jack: Why are we always waiting on Ryan? Geoff: *groans* Come on Ryan Michael: Oh, I’ll hit ready too Ryan: Hey what Michael still had to ready up Michael: Shut up Ryan it was all you Ryan: I’m the host, I can hit go anytime Michael: Shut up Ryan *all chuckle* Geoff: Find the boss take him out Michael: I’m a fat guy Ryan: Oh we’re all in the same car Jack: Who’s driving? Omygod bear is driving Ray: Who’s the boss Michael: I dunno let’s all hop in. What are we doing? Geoff: I got no fuckin’… Ray: We need a vehicle Ryan: OH GOd who’s driving?!? Geoff: I am Michael: WHAT DO WE DO?!? Gavin: Let’s go get a car lads *all talking over one another* Jack: You’re going the wrong way man Michael: Ray’s got the gun Jack: Look at the mini map Geoff: I have no hud Ryan: You have no hud? Geoff: Oh yea, I have it turned off Ryan: Put your hud back on *all talking over one another* Ray: This is our getaway
vehicle! Get on the bike! Jack: Did you see it? Did you see it? *all talking over one another* Ray: Alright there’s 3 of us don’t get on the bike Geoff: Display, radar.. Michael: There’s a car right here Ray Ray: Get on that bike! Ryan: Aww come on *all talking over one another* Michael: We’re not getting anywhere
trust me, we haven’t got a car yet Gavin: guh Ray: Uhh I found a truck! Michael: Ray, get in the truck Ray: GET IN THE TRUCK Michael: I’ll drive over to you Ray: Get out of the car grandma! Ryan: Woah! We’re missing the door on the cruiser already how did that happen? Gavin: Ups Ray: This guy’s glitched. He’s now un-glitched Michael: Take him out. Take him out Ray Geoff: Did you just kill a civilian Jack? Jack: Go left! Go left! Yea I was shooting at a civilian Ryan: *laughs* Gavin: Wait, wait, where are the badies? Jack: LCPD! Michael: We’re the badies stupid, get in! Gavin: Who’s the badie boss? Ray: Alright here we go Jack: Left! Left Geoff! The Gents: Oh my god! Geoff: This car doesn’t turn for shit Michael: I assume we drive to the little thing on the radar Jack: Run over that gun, run over that gun and see if we pick it up Ray: OH NO *screaming and yelling* Ray: OH MY GOD Michael: AHHHHHH Geoff: *laughing* Gavin: What happened to me? Ray: I’m alright Michael: Fucking shoot him Gavin! Ray: Gavin’s dead! Ryan: I shot him aparently Michael & Geoff: *laughing* Ryan: Turn this thing around! Let’s go! Jack: Geoff what are you doing? Geoff: I’m going! I’m backing up! Michael: Come on Ray! Ray: GO Michael: We lost gavin Gavin: I got damn bipped! *laughter* Ray: Alright, I think we go this way Michael: You got a bipped with shit! Gavin: Ryan just glowed me straight through the window Michael: They are a… they are behind us Ryan: *unintelligible* Geoff: Where’d they go? Jack: Left, left, left! Ray: We need to switch cars Geoff: Left? Ryan: Where are we going? Michael: We need the distance Ray Geoff: Alright. This way? Ryan: *exasperated* Oh my god.. Jack: See the target on your map? Ray: Gavin, try to take them out! Geoff: Oh yeah, so they’re the target? Jack: Yes, see look, I’ll change it, there ok Gavin: I look good in this… Michael: OOHH Ryan: Go to the waypoint man Michael: *laughs at Ryan’s hopelessness* Gavin: Alright how do I get to you guys? Ray: We’re on Uranium St. Michael: Ray, is our back tire out? Ray: Uh yeah Michael: Ok Ray: It’s my favorite album *chuckling* Michael: Dude, we hauled ass outta there Gavin: I can’t believe you glacked me in the face Ryan: I can’t believe it either I just held down the left.. Jack: OHHH GOd Ryan: …trigger Geoff: GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU’RE OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE Ray: AHHHHHHHH *laughing* Ray: We’re all right. Uh oh Jack: Keep going, keep going Michael: Goddamn it Ray Ray: Time for a car switch Michael: Yup Michael & Ray: Time for a car switch! Michael: Ray! Ray, what are you doing?!? Jack: Go straight Michael: I fell through the car. Let’s take separate cars Geoff: NO Ryan: Don’t you all have to get into one? No you’re trying to find.. You’re trying to get too…an escape vehicle Ryan: Oh my god *all talking over one another* Geoff: Hold on! I got this! Jack: We might need to commandeer a car Geoff: No, no we’re fine. We got this. Stay cool Michael: Let’s get the hell outta here Ray Ray: Alright, skedaddle Jack: all right there in front of us Ryan: You found ’em Michael: Oh shit, they’re behind us Ray: Uh oh, uh oh Jack: Alright, there’s Ray Michael: Evasive manuvers Geoff: Take ’em down! Ray: *screaming* Michael: Holy shit he got SMG’d! No! Geoff: What’s left? Jack: Turn around go right, right Ryan: Is your radar still off? Geoff: I thought we just killed him?!? Ray: Why does Geoff have his radar off? Geoff: Isn’t the gahme over now? Didn’t we kill him? Michael: You didn’t kill me! Gavin: Did he say gAHME??? Michael: Yea, he did *all talking over one another* Ryan: Oh we’re on fire! Jack: I’m getting in this car Ryan: Oh shit *all talking over one another* Geoff: Hold on, wait for me Ray: I guess Michaels the boss Michael: There’s a specified boss? Ray: I mean I see a crosshair, I’m guessing that’s you Geoff: I’M ON FIRE *laughing* Jack: Why are you on fire?!? Ohhhh god Geoff: I DON’T KNOW Ryan: Alright let’s roll! Geoff: Alright, let’s go we got this! Ryan: You’re burnin up the car Geoff: I’M DEAD Ray: Geoffs dead Jack: Our tire’s on fire now because of Geoff Jack: Goddamn it Michael: *laughing* Ray: Just make it to the point Geoff: *laughing* Michael: I’m going…. I’m going Jack: Oh god we lost a tire Ryan: Oh no Michael: This car is spin-y Ryan: Come on we can get the boss Michael: Stop spinnin’ around! Gavin: *singing* I’m spinning around Geoff: Get ouT OF MY WAAAY Ray: Excuse me! Ray: scuse me! Ryan: Geoff, you hunt down the other two Ray: Oh we’re good Michael: I’m stuck on a barrel Ray: WHUUUUUUUU Jack: I have no back tire Gavin: I have not been able to find you guys Ryan: Ok let’s take this car over here Michael: Just drive to the fuckin’ objective Ryan: Ow…OH MY GOd I just got light post Ryan: … ted Jack: Ok there goes someone in the fire truck! Ray: Who’s in a fire truck? Gavin: Hayo! (cause who else would it be?) *laughing* Ray: Use the hose Gavin: Sprayin’ the nation Michael: I can’t believe you didn’t catch up. Gavin? Gavin: Yea? Michael: *makes British noises* Jack: Yeah oh I got this I’m gonna take out the fire truck Ryan: Alright Gavin: What do you mean ‘take me out’? I’m bloody puttin’ out the fires of the…nation Geoff: OH SHIT! Ryan: Woah Michael: Oh I made it! Jack: Alright, it’s all good, oh Jesus Christ Ray: Are you at the end? Michael: I’m near it Geoff: Christ almighty Gavin: Am I gettin’ shot? Ryan: Are we shootin’ him? Michael: What’s that Ray? Ray: Get together Jack: Blow his tires out Michael: Yeah all I mean, I didn’t park there I… Ryan: Oh he’s shooting water at us! *laughing* Gavin: Ahhhh I’m fire I have to put myself out! Ryan: Ha ha the fire truck is on fire Gavin: Bail….WHUUUU Gavin: OHHH Ryan: Alright, let’s get the boss Geoff: Alright, Gavins gone, that’s good Ryan: Now he’s back again Jack: Let’s get after the boss…oh, the target moved Ryan: I think… I guess the a crosshairs the boss Gavin: Who’s the boss? Ray: I’m guessing Michael is Jack: Oh he’s in a helicopter! Michael: Ohhhhh Gavin: Get out of there Michael Michael: See ya bitches! Gavin: Michael, come & pick me up Michael: I’m coming Gavy wavy Gavin: I’ll ride with ya Jack: Shoot the helicopter, shoot the helicopter Ryan: I’m shooting it, I’m shooting it Michael: WAHOOOOO! Ray: Did we win? MIchael: OH OH Oh that was close Ryan: He’s not very good at flying it apparently Ryan: Alright, cha, let’s get after it Michael: Oh that was a masterful escape Jack: Are we going to get a helicopter? Ryan: I don’t know, can we? Jack: I think so Jack: Awww Geoff: GODDAMN IT Michael: We won! I got away! Gavin: I don’t know what I was doing that whole time? Geoff: I put like, 4,000 bullets into you Gavin Ray: You got pulverized Geoff: Alright, let’s stay… *unintelligible* Jack: … our fucking tire on fire Michael: I should put my headphones on Gavin: Oh, me too Geoff: *laughing* Michael: … I wore them. Oh, my helicopter just fell Geoff: *still laughing* Michael: What’s that Ray? Ray: I said “My headphones… Geoff: I don’t want to drive this time *laughing* Jack: I don’t want you to drive this time Gavin: Guys, let’s all stick together this time Jack: Are we still cops? Gavin: UHH Michael: Why? We might get killed that way. Ryan: I don’t know? We might be the robbers now Michael: We only survived by leaving you behind *laughing* Michael: Oh, we’re the po-po Jack: Oh shit, I’m the boss Ray: Alright, I’m shootin’ Ryan: We got to get a car Michael: I’m drivin’ Jack: Here’s a good gun over here I think Michael: *asks Ray a question* Geoff: How do you know if you’re the boss? Ray: Nah, you’re fine Gavin: So, who was the boss that time? Ray: It was Michael Michael: I guess it was me Gavin: HA HA dumb idiot Ryan: We gotta get a car, we gotta get a car Michael: *mocking Gavin insulting him* Fucking dumb idiot Jack: Alright find a car, find a car Ray: Aw dude, San Juan Sound. We have the music turned off, fuck. I can’t listen to the music of my people Jack: I hear police sirens Ryan: Why would it start us as far away from any vehicle as possible? Jack: I hear police sirens Geoff: Yea, it seems like we would have planned better Jack: Ryan, where the hell are you going? Ryan: I’m trying to find a car! Gavin: I like the lack of Sirens Geoff: I see a car up here! Michael: Get ready to glow Geoff: Alright, you guys want me to drive? Jack: No! *laughing* *faint noises of the Lads planning to ambush them* Jack: I’ll Drive, you shoot Ryan: Oh, I found a cop Michael: Is it us? Ryan: No Gavin: Blast ’em! Gavin: WHOOOOOO Jack: Aw shit, shit, shit Ray: *making loud siren noises* Ryan: *sarcastic tone* It’s okay, you guys run. I’ll catch up Geoff: GET IN THE CAR Michael: They’re right there, they’re right there! Glack ’em! Ray: *still making loud siren noises* Geoff: WHY AM I IN THIS *unintelligible panicked yelling* Ryan: Oh my god! Michael: Oh my god! *the gents get massacred* Michael: *laughing maniacally* Ray: *in amazement* Oh my god! Ryan: Wow *laughing* Michael: WOOOO Jack: I had to wait for Geoff to get in the damn car so, I’m sitting there waiting for Geoff to get in Michael: *laughing* Jack: Goddamnit Ray: You guys got lit the fuck up Geoff: I got outta the car and hit a Michael: A cop car rolled up, flipped it’s sirens on, and just murdered you Geoff: I blame Ryan Gavin: Imagine three dudes *unintelligible* cop car *machine gun mouth noises* Michael: It was like a mob movie *laughing* Geoff: Alright, let’s play it again! Geoff: I want to keep playing, this is fun Ryan: Oh shit, I hit turf war Jack: Whydjyou pick turf war? Geoff: Oh no! Cops n’ crooks! Ryan: Technical difficulties Gavin: Ryan, goddamnit Jack: Booooo Michael: *laughing* Ryan: Uhhh, new game. Okay, sorry. Cops and crooks. Jack: That’s a fun game mode man. Do multiple rounds Gavin: That was unbelievable Geoff: Oh my god, that was fun Gavin: Let’s do a, let’s do a bunch of rounds Michael: Just pull up and stop the car *laughing* Michael: *reenacting the last round* There he is! Jack: *reenacting* Geoff get in the car! Jack imitating Geoff: Uhhhh Geoff: I hit Y! Also, they put the car a thousand miles from us! Geoff: Who does that? Michael: We ran around for 20 minutes before we found a car Gavin: Is there any way we can arrest them or do we have to kill them? Michael: I think that’s, that’s what happens. We dispensed street justice Ryan: Uhhh I can’t change options anymore Jack: Oh, you’re not in our game anymore Michael: Oh it’s Geoff now. It’s Geoff Ryan: Oh shit. I’m in some other game Ray: Oh I left the game. *hard cut* I’m ready Gavin: Let’s gooo! Ryan: Alright, everybody ready? Gavin: OHHH Geoff: Let’s do this shit Ryan: There’s no tool tip Michael: That uhhh, that was fun. Let’s do that again. Uhh good job lads Geoff: *laughing* Yea, you guys did okay on that one *laughing* Ray: I like the cops pullin’ up Gavin: That’s gonna be a great shot Ray: Criminal! Michael: Glack! Glack! Glack! Jack: Alright, are we cops first? Michael: Hit the sirens! Hit the sirens! Ryan: Yea, we’re cops. Who’s driving? Michael: Holy shit! What the hell was that?!? Ray: Those cars were fucking each other Michael: They were banging each other. Let’s get a big… car Ray: Michaels the boss again Michael: Yeah yeah boi. What does that even mean? Gavin: It means you da boss Michael: Thanks Gavin Ray: Uppp thanks Gavin Gavin: Pardon me Ray Ryan: We hit very few walls so far, I’m impressed Michael: Did you just run him over? Ray: Yea, he did MIchael: Alright, I’m just going to take this until I find a car if you want to hop in Ray. I’m just going to drive to the street Ray: Alright Ryan: How do they have a car already? Michael: It’s a fucking dump truck Geoff: *laughing* Geoff: So, it’s tough as nails is what you’re saying Gavin: Dude, this thing will never blow Michael: You’re going to get shot in the head through the window. By the way the hood fell off Michael: Gavin goes ‘this thing never blow’ and the hood fell off *laughing* Gavin: Hit the sirens! Oh, we don’t have any Gavin: This thing is slow as chode Michael: Yea, no shit Ryan: Oh god! Geoff: Yea, good driving Jack! Ryan: Kill that guy! Geoff: You’re going the wrong way! Gavin: Ohhh its unfinished! It’s like
speed! Gavin: OH NO Michael: We’re right behind you Gavin Jack: Oh my god! Geoff: *laughing* Michael: They saw us! Geoff: *laughing* *screaming* Gavin: GOD! Michael: We did a no no! Jack: Murder them! Michael: Get out! Get out! Ray: Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Michael: Oh shit! Ray: How am I getting out of this vehicle?!? Michael: *laughing* Ray: Alright! *laughing* Ray: Scatter! *laughing* Michael: I got gunned down! Gavin: ‘The boss has been taken out’ *laughing* MIchael: You ran me over! *laughing* Jack: Holy shit! *laughing* Jack: That was amazing! *laughing* Geoff: That might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire fuckin’ life MIchael: Imma, I’m assuming you saw us come off the ramp? Geoff: Oh my god Jack: You were like in midair as we pulled up Gavin: I was like ‘the highways incomplete!’ *laughing* Michael: Alright, *laughing* Michael: … let’s not take those next time *laughing* Ray: We’re better off walking Michael: Yea we were better off. Rays like ‘Let’s get some guns’ Ray: Alright Michael: ‘There they are’ Jack: Alright, I’m the boss again Ray: Gavins driving Michael: Aww fuck my asshole Michael: Gavin, Gavin is driving us into a car already Geoff: Alright, guys we gotta stay together Ray: There ya go. He’s dead now. Gavin: Alright let’s go Geoff: Get in a car MIchael: *to Gavin* So when are you ditching the cop car for… Jack: I already hear the cop car! Michael: Are you serious Gavin?!? Jack: They are already here! Michael: They are right there. They are right there Ryan: Oh god no! Geoff: What kind of luck do I have?!? Gavin: What’s up assholes! Michael: Sup bitch! Lads: WHOOOO *unintelligible* Jack: Jump over! Geoff: Jesus Christ! Ray: Hold on Michael: I gotta reload! Ray: That’s not the boss, that’s not the boss! Jack: That’s the boss Michael: He’s back there Jack: I’m stuck on a fucking chair! Michael: He’s in the.. Gavin! Geoff: Run! Michael: Oh my god Gavin: How did nobody shoot him? Michael: I don’t know what you’re doing Ray: Gavin, go to the crosshair! Michael: Go backwards! Gavin: I’m on it! Michael: Idiot Gavin: I’m on it Michael: God, you’re in a fucking forest Gents: *laughing* Michael: Run him over Ryan: Action rohhhhh… Nope Jack: Oh goddamnit Michael: Alright. Oh my god *laughing at Gavin’s horrible driving* Michael: You fucking stupid shit Jack: Get out Jack: What the fuck happened? Ray: Alright go fuck yourself Gavin, I’m getting out of the car Geoff: Woah, Jesus Jack, what’s going on? Michael: Ray, Ray has abandoned the car Michael: YOU’RE HITTING EVERYTHING! Michael: YOU. HIT. EVERYTHING. Gavin: I’m going to the *starts laughing* Ray: I’m the lone *unintelligible* Michael: Oh it’s a sports car! Michael: He’s behind us, stupid! Geoff: I’m getting run over by you Jack: Oh shit, oh shit, cops, cops Michael: C’mere Jack you son of a bitch Jack: Run away! Ow! Gavin: Oh Jack’s the boss Geoff: Get away Jack! Run! Michael: *to Gavin* Yea, he’s on the right Jack: I’m going…. kind of Ryan: BOOOOM!!! Gavin: OHHH Michael: Ryan may have just saved the day Gavin: Wow… I did not see that coming Michael: That was pretty funny Geoff: Let’s get to the where ever! Michael: They’re a, they’re pullin’ ahead of us Gavin: This car is not fast anymore Jack: I don’t have a front tire Ray: It was fast Ryan: Oh ow ow! Geoff: I can’t drive! Michael: Fuck off Ryan Michael: Gavin, I hate your fuckin’ guts Gavin: Shoot ’em up! Jack: I have no tire on my front left wheel Michael: Get the tires Ryan: Come on, come on, go! Michael: *reading the death message* ‘Geoff got ventilated’ Michael and Gavin: OHHHHH Michael: We’re on fire Gavin, we’re on fire *Gavin yelling* Ryan: I can’t control this anymore Jack: I’m going so fast Ray: I am now Moto Cop! *laughing* Ray (Moto Cop): *making motorcycle noises* Michael: Gavin and I are on foot and Geoff is gettin’ away, or Jacks gettin’ away Gavin: Let’s get a new car Jack: Oh shit Gavin: Damnit! Ryan: Oh huh hoh! Jack: Ow! Michael: There’s no cars! Michael: Dude, I like my coat Ray (Moto Cop): Stop in the name of the law Geoff! Stop in the name of the law! Geoff: Stop shooting me! Ryan: Shit Ray (Moto Cop): Stop! Alright… Michael: *sounds of pain as Ryan runs him over* Gavin: God, what’s goin’ on over there? Michael: I got run over Jack: God, Ryan just murdered a cop Ray (Moto Cop): Cop killa! Ryan: Ah, they’re on me! Jack: Aw shit Ray (Moto Cop): Jack is so far away Ryan: How ya doin’ boss? Jack: Oh god. Oh, I’m running, save yourself Ryan: *murdering* Pedestrians nooo! Jack: You were a good henchmen Michael: Where are the fucking vehicles? Michael: Oh, there’s a slow ass truck Gavin: LAPD bitch! Ryan: WOAH Ray (Moto Cop): Oh, later Ryan Jack: I hit a wall Jack: Scuse me people, pedestrians. Oops I just killed a pedestrian Ryan: Did I get your tire? Ray (Moto Cop): Uhhh, yes Ryan: YEAH Ray (Moto Cop): That’s a lie, you did not get my tire Ryan: Fuck! Michael: *laughing* Gavin: Wait, wait, who’s purple? Come pick me up Ryan: ‘Who’s purple?’ You’re all purple Michael: You’re about to get murdered Gavin Gavin: Uh oh. AHHH! Michael: And there are the gunshots Ray (Moto Cop): Ryan is in a vehicle with two shot out tires I think Ryan: Yea I am Ray (Moto Cop): I don’t know where Geoff is Ryan: Ow Michael: Goddamnit Gavin: Geoff is on a bike Ray (Moto Cop): … RNG on this… Jack: I’m gonna make this Gavin: I wish I wasn’t jammed between two… Ray (Moto Cop): I wish you drove better Geoff: Oh Gavins gone! Jack: Nice, good job guys Michael: ‘Gavins gone’ *chuckling* Jack: Henchmen Geoff Gavin: Where the hell is Jack? Ryan: OH GOD! Ryan: Get out of the car, get out of the car Geoff: So where do we have to go through? Michael: You have to drive to the hellicopter Jack: There’s a little target Ryan: Yea, get in the… *unintelligible* Michael: Oh god… Michael: That was some Fast and Furious shit right there Geoff: Good lord Ryan: Ray is hot on your tail though Jack: He’s on my tail? Ryan: Uhh, whoever the boss is Jack: That’s me Ryan: Yea, he passed me a while ago Jack: Aw shit Michael: Somebody’s right up my asshole Jack: Ohhh I just flattened a pedestrian Gavin: Scuse me madam Ryan: And he’s on a bike so, he’s fast Ray (Moto Cop): Moto Cop Michael: Fuck you Geoff Michael: You gotta die Geoff: Ohhh *dying* Ray (Moto Cop): I don’t a… Michael: Oh shit! I just jumped your corpse! *laughing* Ray (Moto Cop): Did it look cool? Geoff: As long as the boss makes it that’s all that matters Michael: Yea, it’s true Geoff: Something you guys should
remember outside of this game by the way Michael: Yea, absolutely Geoff Michael: Outside this game *as he’s about to run over Geoff* Geoff: AHHHHHH! BAD SPAWN! BAD SPAWN! Michael: *laughing* You didn’t die though Ryan: I just saw that happen Geoff: THAT WAS A BAD SPAWN! Michael: I just fucking mowed Geoff down. He spawned right in front of me while I was driving Geoff: Jesus Christ! Jack: Oh shit, he’s right on top of me…. Ahhh Rays here! Ray (Moto Cop): Moto Cop! Moto Cop! Jack: Run! Gavin: Kill him! Michael: Take him out Ray Jack: I’m on fire! Ray (Moto Cop): I’m trying but I’m stuck on the curb. I’m unstuck Jack: Jump out! OH NO! Ray (Moto Cop): YEEEAAA MOTO COP! Michael: ‘The boss has been taken out’ Geoff: *continuously yelling* Noooooo! Ray (Moto Cop): Time to end it on a wheelie Gents: Ohhhh Michael: Whoooo! Nicely done Ray! Ray (Moto Cop): Moto Cop! Michael: Dude, cop of the year. Ray saved the day there Gavin: Let’s go again Geoff: So where do we go? Jack: It changes, it changes Geoff: I don’t see what it looks like on the map? Michael: It’s a, it’s a little envelope Jack: I don’t know if you can see it, but the boss can see it Geoff: I don’t know if I can Gavin: Lads, I would like to apologise for my police car driving Ray: I saw it, it was like a blue square Michael: Oh yea Gavin, you are fucking atrocious Michael: Never drive the car again. Seriously Jack: Watching you drive over that hill was *laughing* Ray: If Gavins driving the car can we all just get out? Michael: That was fine. The ramp was fine. Getting caught in a random forest was a whole other story Geoff: Dude, spawning in front of Michael sucked Jack: Maybe this time they won’t put the cops right next to us when we start Geoff: No shit *Lads talking in the background* Geoff: We’re either a hundred miles away from a car or right next to one Michael: No dump trucks Jack: We still almost made it Jack: Alright, I’m driving Michael: Ray you’re on the ground. On my screen you started on the ground Ryan: This is a terrible place to… Ray: I’m the boss. Protect me Geoff: Why are we here?!? (in this box canyon) Goeff: This sucks! Michael: Alright, there’s weapons on the left somewhere Gavin: Goddamnit Ray: I’m going for the… armour Jack: I’m going on the off ramp Michael: I’ll go look for a car Jack: I need an off ramp Ryan: It’s alright, just don’t crash Gavin: I’ll tell you what we should do. Let’s just hide in the ocean Jack: Cars! Michael: Why is it so hard to find a fucking vehicle? Ryan: There’s an on ramp, there’s an exit Gavin: Ray do you have a car? Ray: I do not have a car Geoff: We have the worst fucking luck Jack: Yea! Ray: There’s a car over there! Ray: Well, it’s gone now Ryan: It sounds like they’re still trying to find a car though Ray: I mean we have the fastest car in the game (this is a lie) Michael: Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. Gavin: Good save Ray Michael: Okay, I got a car. It’s a four-door Ray: Hold on Ryan: *laughs* Ryan: Making a getaway in a Sedan Jack: Yea, he’s driving a tank again Ryan: whaoo Jack: Alright *Ray acquires a rocket launcher* Michael: Nice Ray. That’s awesome Ray: I will uh…. alright Geoff: Alright Ray: Gavin Gavin: Yea, what’s up? Michael: Are you, are you gonna drive that? Gavin: I’ll uh, I’ll get your back from afar Michael: Alright, you’re worthless so, that’s fine Gavin: What’s up? Michael: No you’re fine Geoff: Somebody just call us a dumbass m.. y’know what… Michael: Oh shit Ray: Ohh here they come *guns firing* Jack: Alright, let’s do this Ray: Keep goin’ Michael: Is that, is that all of them? Ryan: Gavins at a different… Jack: Yea, Gavins at a… ok shoot out Ray Micahel: Aww crap Jack: Murder Ryan: Whoa Michael: They fuckin’, they set us free Jack: Kill ’em Geoff Gavin: Oh my god, what happened there? Ray: Abandon ship Michael: Ray don’t jump out! You’re going to get murdered! *laughing by the Gents* Ray: I’m gonna die (realizing he has fucked up now) Micahel: RUN RAY RUN! Gavin: Ray, get in Michael: I’LL HOLD THEM OFF RUN Gavin: OH MY GOD *Gents yell as Ray annihilates them with a rocket launcher* *yells and screams of terror* Michael: THE ROCKET LAUNCHER Ray: GAVIN WHERE ARE YOU Michael: THAT IS INCREDIBLE *laughing in the background* Ray: GAVIN GO GO GO GO GO Michael: Team Lads at it’s finest Gavin: Let’s get out of here! Ray: Go go go go! Geoff: Where did that come from?!?!? Michael: Ray picked that up right at the beginning Geoff: Ray what? Michael: Ray, Ray picked up a rocket launcher Ray: I’m the best boss Ray: I picked up body armour and a RPG Gavin: Oh my god Ray: Alright Gavin, drive to the blue Gavin: Alright Ryan: Alright, come on we got to get in a car. Why is there no car? Gavin: That was amazing Jack: There’s no cars in this goddamn city! Gavin: Which way is it? Ryan: I put traffic on high too. Alright, I got a car, I got a car. Get out! Michael: I’ll try to meet up with you guys and I’ve got a sports car Ray, if you would like to swap Ryan: Fuck! He just drove off Gavin: I don’t know if I’m going the right way Geoff: Goddamnit there’s no cars! Ryan: I got a car Jack: I’ve got some cars over here too Ray: Well, I don’t know if I could pull that stunt again. I don’t have a lot of health Michael: That was incredible. Did you see me slam into them? Ray: I did, you were blocking the way. I was waiting for them to pull… Michael: I was trying to like, fuckin’ block the bullets Ray: What the fuck are you doing Gavin: Sorry Ryan: That’s fine, I got a sports car Michael: Where the fuck are you guys? Are you on the highway? Gavin: I can’t get down off this dumb thing Michael: You’re on the highway you idiot Geoff: They’re above us! Gavin: Ray, we gotta jump down Michael: Get down so I can drive you idiots out of here Gavin: Ray follow me Ray: I don’t have enough health to do that Gavin: WHOOO Michael: I’m getting shot at but… Ray: Wait, I got an idea Gavin: Come down Ryan: Oh no Ray: Whuuhhh Geoff: Don’t follow him! Michael: I thought you were gonna fuckin’ die Michael: I swear to god I thought you were gonna die from the fall Geoff: Ignore Michael Ray: Gavin, they can’t get us from up here Gavin: We’re safe up here *laughing* Michael: They’re comin’ for you Ray Ray: Nah, we’re good Gavin: Michael get us a car Michael: I have a car! Geoff: I can’t fuckin’ turn around Ryan: Whoa! Ray: Why am I a fat, why am I a fat Italian? Ryan: You flipped my car though Michael: Yea Gavin: Good job we’re running away from fat policemen as well Ryan: Knock me over Ryan: Nice Michael: Ray, fucking Christ man Michael: I spawned right under you
guys and I just see you two idiots running by Michael: AHHH I got run over Ray: Gavin I need you to make sure there is no train comin’ Ryan: BAM! Michael: AHHHH RYAN! *Ryan and Geoff laughing* Ray: Fuck you bitch! Gavin: *high-pitched noises of distress* Michael: Watch your tire bitch Michael: It kept, it was auto aiming on you which was annoying Gavin: Ray, Ray this is amazing *giggling* *Ray then Gavin joins him in singing the X-Ray and Vav theme song* Gavin: We should jump onto a rooftop Gavin: Start some parkour Michael: I keep spawning right under you guys so, either I’m moving with you or you haven’t gone very far Ray: We haven’t gotten very far Ray: Nevertheless, we’re safe up here Geoff: How is Michael still alive? Jack: Shoot ’em Geoff! Michael: Fuck you Geoff! Jack: Goddamnit Geoff! Geoff: Goddamnit! Michael: You dead bitch! You fuckin’ dead bitch! Geoff: That’s bullshit Gavin: Ray, Rays just haulin’ ass down the tracks Michael: UPPP Didn’t, didn’t action roll out of the way! Michael: Jack, Jack did ‘steamroll’ me Jack: *laughing* I got Michael Geoff: Thanks for avenging me Ray: This is a… must be a light schedule on the train today *laughing* Jack: Alright, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get a faster car Gavin: Alright, Ray I’m gonna, do you want me to uhhh… Michael: That car saved my life Ray: Uhhh I guess Gavin: Alright Ray: I mean, I’m safe up here Ryan: Ow ow ow *unintelligible* Ray: I’m gonna look at the map… Man, I have a ways to go Michael: You better run Gavin: Lemme find a bike Ray and I’ll get it to you Jack: Alright Ryan, I’m behind you Ryan: BAM! Geoff: HA HA HA that was awesome *yelling* Jack: I’m on top of Ryan Ryan: Ahhh….fuck Michael: Yea Ryan, how’d that work out? Ryan: Woulda worked out better if my teammates hadn’t a run me over Gavin: Oops oops oops! Michael: Geoff, why are ya tryin’ to fight me? Gavin: I am fine Michael: I’m sorry I have to do this Geoff Geoff: Aww that’s okay Jack: There we go *Geoff laughing* Michael: Still haven’t killed me yet Geoff: Michaels unkillable Michael: I just killed both of you and Jack ran away Ryan: I completely demolished him with a car and that didn’t kill him Michael: You didn’t fuckin’ kill me though, you just ran me over Geoff: Michael is unkillable in this game Michael: Yea, I’m pretty amazing Ryan: I’ve already killed him a couple times Ray: Parkour! Jack: Aw shit, he’s in a car, he’s in a truck, he’s in a truck, kill him Geoff: What the fuck why can’t I… Geoff: WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? MY GUY WENT RETARDED Jack: Goddamnit Michael: ESCAPE! Geoff: Jesus! *laughing* MIchael: Landed it, perfectly Gavin: You still up there Ray? Ray: Uhh no Gavin: Goddamnit Geoff: Holy shit, what was that? Jack: Michael! *Jack giggling* Ryan: Okay, he’s not the boss. Why are we chasing him? Michael: Cause you’re wasting your time Michael: They’ve been fucking with me the whole time Michael: Did you guys run there yet?
Holy shit Ray, you have a vehicle? Ray: Yea, I uhh decided to abandon that. Oh there goes the whole fucking game Jack: Alright, Michael has no tires Gavin: Ray! Ray: Yea, what’s up? Michael: Tires are for bitches! Gavin: I’m on the tracks Ray! Ray: Are you? Gavin: Get up here Ray: Uhhhhh Gavin: Get up here! Ray: I’m y’know Jack: I’m missing a tire Ryan: Fuck, I can’t get off this thing Ray: The boss needs to escape Gavin: Ray! Ryan: That didn’t work Michael: Oh shit Jack: Is nobody going after Ray? Ryan: Ray is going to get away because I can’t get off the fucking freeway Michael: Dude, you gotta just jump man Ryan: I tried. I actually rammed the road to try to get off. Did not work Ray: I wish I knew the fast cars in this game Gavin: Oh god… OH GOD Michael: I don’t care about your car bitch, shut up Michael: Get the fuck out Gavin: Nailed it Geoff: Wait, is Ray on the ground again? Jack and Ryan: Yea Michael: I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure he’s up top Gavin: Just ran over a corpse Jack: Oh shit. I was looking at my mini-map and just drove into a car Ryan: *laughing* Gavin: Ray what are you driving? Ray: A fuckin’ Sedan Geoff: Give me a car! Ryan: Oh come on, come on, come on Michael: I’ll catch up to you Lads Jack: I don’t need a back wheel Gavin: What’s up Ray Michael: Oh shit, what is this Jack: Back wheels are suckers…owwww Ray: This is gonna be a long jump huhhh I’m sorry miss, huhh. Fuck my legs. Combat roll Ryan: Come on, come on, come on Geoff: Where are you bitches? Gavin: What’s at the end of this Ray? Ray: Uhhh y’know Gavin: Comin’ down Geoff: Where is he Ryan: Ugh go, go, go Michael: We’re all so slow at everything Ryan: We’re stopping crime in the slowest vehicles imaginable Jack: Taking the shortcut through the park Ray: How do I get on this thing? Gavin: *laughing at Ray’s comedy of errors* Jack: Alright, baseball field, no big deal Ray: Alright, just gotta get my fat ass up there Ryan: We really gotta upgrade our budget on the police department Michael: Oh shit, that’s an interesting uhhh Ray: Lemme get on, lemme… Geoff: Uhh sorry Michael: I’M HERE LADS! WAIT! NOO! Gavin: Come on! Michael: I flipped my car! Gavin: Come on! Jack: Oh goddamnit Ryan: Michael Ray: Listen, we gotta go, we gotta go Gavin: Alright Michael: I’M COMIN’ BOI I’M COMIN! Gavin: Alright Michael, hope in! Ryan: Get out! Geoff: SHIT Gavin: We’re in this together. Team Lads! Michael: *running noises and panting* Ryan: Get over there! Geoff: I’m on foot! Jack: Shoot him Geoff Michael: I’m runnin, I’m runnin’, I’m runnin Gavin: Jump in! Geoff: I don’t know where he is! Gavin: We’re right down here Ryan: ‘The boss has reached the getaway vehicle’ SHIT *yelling and screaming* Michael: I FUCKIN’ MADE IT! I LANDED IN THE BOAT AND IT ENDED! *laughing* Ray: That was incredible Michael: Alright, great round for the Lads Gavin: What were you doin’? Jack: Fuckin’ Ray blowin’ up the cop car Michael: They were trying to kill me for ten minutes Ray: Yea, it gave me time to a get armor, get down and a… Michael: They spent minutes just running me over… Goddamnit Gavin’s driving Jack: Geoff, you’re the boss Geoff: Oh, okay Jack: Geoff’s on Facebook Geoff: Sorry Gavin: Why are you on Facebook? Jack: The boss uh, the boss has an internet problem *All talking over each other* Jack: Alright Geoff: Mama Narvaez Michael: Facebook friends. Ohh Ray’s Mom poked by Geoff Jack: Where the fuck are you guys? Geoff: Ryan. Protect me Ryan: Yeah yeah Jack: I have a car Michael: Gavin, I appreciate your slow driving Gavin: Were you bein’ funny? Jack: I have a car Michael: No, I’m serious. Like you’re not hitting something every 4 feet Jack: Yo tengo car. Where the fuck are you? Ryan: I’m right here Geoff: Jack, protect me! Ray: Protect me squire Jack: Get in Michael: Nevermind Gavin: oops Jack: Can someone set a waypoint for me? Can someone go to the map and set a waypoint for me? Ryan: Alright Michael: We are just going to unload on them Gavin: I can’t wait. Ooop bonnet Ray: It’s not official Jack: Oh shit Michael: Hit the siren when we come close Ray: Come on Gavin, Jesus Michael: It was head on man Gavin: Sorry Ryan: *chuckling* Gavin: Oh, they’re goin’ this way Geoff: Jack! This is not where we want to be right now! Michael: GAVIN! Alright, I’m bailing now Jack: I Austin Powers’ed us Michael: I’m gonna grab that sports car Geoff: This is a dead end, goddamnit! Jack: Alright, alright Ryan: Ughhh Jack: I’m a terrible get away driver Geoff: You’ve killed us! Michael: Damnit Jack: No, no, we’re fine, we’re fine Ryan: How do you change weapons in the car? Ray: Cock Sack Avenue. Nice Geoff: Shit! They’re on Cock Sack Avenue! Gavin: Oh dude Geoff: That’s just around the corner! Michael: Ahhh you fucker! Ryan: Uhhhhhh, come on Michael: Dammit! Jack: I hear the cops! Ryan: Oh my god! Jack: Oh, and I’ve rolled her Geoff: Jesus Jack! Alright we’re back up! Michael: The slowest car ever Jack: I hear, I heard the cops Ryan: Oh shit, I got out Jack: Ryan, why’d you get out? Gavin: LCPD bitch! Jack: Oh shit Jack: Ahhhh! Geoff: Run interference! Jack: Ahh ok Michael: HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD!?! Damnit! Jack: It’s all good. Geoff, shoot him Michael: I ran like 10 minutes in the wrong direction Ray: *yelling* Gavin: *yelling* Ryan: How are you not blown up? Gavin: Bail! Ryan: BOOM! Jack: There ya go Michael: ‘Gavin was detonated’ Jack: Alright, we’re fine, we’re fine Michael: Fuck me in my fat asshole, I need a car Jack: Alright Geoff, we’re getting on the highway Geoff: Alright Ryan: Ow Geoff: It’s very important that I live! Ryan: Ow Ray: Is Geoff the boss again? Ryan: I keep getting hit by cars Michael: Yea. Gavin let’s grab this stupid van Gavin: Alright, let’s go Michael: You’re not driving, you son of a bitch Ryan: Ow! Gavin: *chuckling* Cops breakin’ into a car Michael: Oh my god you’re taking forever Gavin: Let’s go Geoff: Alright, you doing great Jack. You’re gonna get a promotion for this Jack: Thank you Gavin: Oh, you’re not gettin’ in? Michael: You just ran me over shit-head Gavin: I uhhh th, I thought you were getting in the damn car Michael: I’m trying. Don’t run me over. Alright, go Jack: This car has GPS so it works out pretty nice Ryan: *laughing* Ray: What station are you guys listening to? Geoff: UHHH Michael: Wow, this thing’s slow Geoff: Don’t! Ohhh they’re comin’ up on our butts! Jack: Well then fire at them Geoff! Ow! Gavin: Where are they? Michael: Turn right Ryan: Catch up, catch up Geoff: Jesus Jack! Jack: Alright, we can not fit through there Michael: Go that way. Or that way. Make a left here Geoff: You’ve killed us! Jack: No I haven’t, we’re fine Gavin: Awww dude we gotta get this Jack: See Ray: Guys, I need help Michael: I’m fuckin’, chh, stuck. I had to climb over my door! Ryan: Aww, that’s a scooter Michael: GET OUTTA THE CAR YOU IDIOT! Ryan: That’s not a bike Gavin: What is goin’ on? Michael: The NPC got in! Gavin: He got back in. Alright, let’s go Michael: Gavin, I’m not in the fucking vehicle *talking over each other* Ray: …. shot my tires Gavin: Let’s go Michael: Alright, go! Ray: Alright, we’re having issues. They got away *laughing* MIchael: Alright, we’re catchin’ up though Gavin: Where are they? I uhh look on the giant map, how far away are they? Ray: Oh, my car disappeared Michael: I’ll check the map Gavin: *mocking Michael* I’ll check the map Michael: They’re… Ray: They’re way out there Michael: … kinda far Geoff: Alright guys, I think we’re doin’ alright. Uhhh Jack Michael: I don’t think you’re going to be able to catch them… Jack: Uhhh, well, ok we gotta get down Geoff Michael: … because you can’t drive Jack: There’s only way we can do this Geoff: Oh shit Jack: *laughing* You ready? Geoff: Yea Jack: Alright, let’s try this Michael: Goddamn, they got far Jack: Alright, we’re going to take a shortcut Ray: … but my car was not Jack: Goddamnit Gavin: There’s the unfinished *unintelligible* Michael: Turn left Jack: Ehhhhh, nope, nope Michael: Shit Jack: Opp, nope, not gonna happen Ryan: Oh my god Geoff: Let’s ju, let’s just jump off Michael: We have to get over there somehow Gavin: What the hell is going on with this road? Jack: I’ll get us down, I’ll get us down Geoff: Alright, get us, uhh shh, I got out on accident Michael: We gotta get on that fuckin’ bridge, they went across that bridge Gavin: Alright, let’s go Michael: Go right Geoff: Jack I’m doin’ somethin’ Jack: What are ya doin’ Geoff, where ya goin’? *laughing* Michael: We have to go right and around Jack: Geoff, where the fuck you goin’? Geoff: I got an idea! Jack: Oh no Ryan: Oh no Jack: Ok, I’m gonna get under… Michael: Fucking shit! Jack: …neath you and catch you Gavin: How the hell do we get up!?! Michael: I don’t know! Try! Geoff: I have an idea. I think this is gonna work! Jack: Alright, hang on, lemme see if I can get down there Michael: Follow Ray! Jack: Hey, here comes Ryan Ryah: Hey Ray: Kyle Phelps! Jack: Well, Ryan just… Geoff: OHHHHHHH Michael: We failed miserably on this one Ryan: Well Jack: There we go, shortcut. I figured out how to get down. There we go Jack: *laughing with Ryan* Alright, I’m down below Gavin: Ahhh tits Ray: I’m on uncharted *unintelligible* Ryan: We gotta get the boss down there though. Where, Geoff, where are you? Geoff: I’M SWIMMIN Jack: *laughing* Ryan: Okay Michael: Geoff’s swimmin’ Geoff: I’m lookin’ for a way up! Ryan: *laughing* Geoff: If anyone’s gotta hand Michael: I jumped outa the car and followed you into the water Ray Ray: Uuppp, I fell back into the water Geoff: Or a ladder Jack Alright, I’m goin’ boss Gavin: Well, there’s a door gone Jack: Uhh, uhh, run, the suit is constricting Ryan: Ahhhh Geoff: Give me a fucking ladder out of this! Michael: Geoff is just swimmin’ around in the water Jack: Alright Geoff, we got a boat Michael: OH SHit, they’re right over there! Gavin: Oh my god! Jack: Opp, I’m in the water Geoff: Oh fuck where’s my car?!? Gavin: LAPD! Jack: It’s the boat, get in the boat Jack: OH GOD! Ryan: No! *Michael and Jack laughing* Jack: *laughing* Well, Ray just murdered my ass Michael: Climb up you bitch! Jack: Oh wow Ray: NOOOOOO! Geoff: Yes! Ray: Geoff’s almost dead! Ryan: Get in the boat! Ray: He’s almost dead! Ryan: Get in the boat! Michael: I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’! Ray: He’s in the boat! He has like… Ryan: Drive away Geoff! *Geoff yelling* *screaming and yelling* Michael: YOU JUST GOT… Geoff: I WAS DRIVING AWAY! *yelling and screaming* Jack: DAMnit! Michael: WHOOOO Geoff: *laughing?* Michael: Team Lads! Gavin: Were they right there? Michael: He was in the boat. He was getting in the boat Ray: He was in the boat getting away Jack: Oh man Ryan: *chuckling* Michael: Holy shit. Three for three, pretty good Gavin: Let’s go again Ray: Let’s do it Ryan: One more? Michael: Let’s, let’s do it Jack: Let’s do one more round Ryan: I should have changed it to the other game type Michael: Yea, oh yea, *unintelligible* Geoff: Ehhh, we can do it later Michael: Ryan Geoff: This is, we know this is fun Ryan: Yeah Geoff: And this will cut together as one good video Mihcael: Alright Ray: And Gavin’s driving fuckin’ again Michael: Why is Gavin always drivin’ the fuckin’ car Ray: Ya know what, I’m just going to do this now Geoff: I’m the fuckin’ boss again Michael: Ray’s abandoning the vehicle immediately Michael: I’m gonna wait until we get to a car and then I’ll jump out Jack: Let’s stick together Jack: I already hear the sirens. Goddamnit Michael: That’s not us Gavin: Our siren is off Michael: Our siren is off Ray: This car looks really fast Jack: Nope, goddamnit… Michael: Fuck, they’re already here Jack: … they’re right fuckin’ there! Michael: Gavin, nice fucking approach you idiot Gavin: It’s not the most subtle… Michael: THERE’S A CAR ON TOP OF OUR CAR! Jack: Alright, you guys save yourself, I’m gonna shoot em’ Gavin: Get. Out. Of. Here Michael: Dude, you are just straight up stupid *police sirens* Ray: *unintelligible* Ryan: Woah Michael: I can’t aim *shooting noises* Jack: Run Geoff, run Geoff Michael: Just go for Geoff Ryan: Just get in the car and go Michael: They’re on foot Geoff: Jesus Christ! Michael: HOW DO YOU HIT THE ONE THING?!? Geoff: There’s no cars on this whole goddamned planet! Ryan: Just hide in an alley or somethin’ Gavin: Yea, hide in an alley Geoff *Gavin and Ryan laughing* Jack: Come on Michael: BETTER START HIDIN’ BITCH! Jack: Ryan where are you goin’? Ryan get in the truck Michael: Gavin go in there you dumbass! Jack: Get in the truck Ryan: There’s a car right here and it’s faster Jack: Get in the fuckin’ truck! Michael: You are a fucking mong Gavin: I’m slippin’ all over the place Ryan: Fuck it Michael: He, he’s stuck in the cracks Ryan: Just go, go, go, go Michael: Geoff’s hidin’ in the cracks Gavin: Is he in here? Ryan: Go save Geoff Jack: I’m gonna save boss Ray: I got him from behind Geoff: DAMNIT! Ryan: Ohhhh Michael: I was just running around Geoff: Why do we always start where there’s no goddamn cars?!? Ray: Ray is the super cop! Jack: Your guys, we, we started like 10 feet away from you guys Ryan: I know Jack: What the fuck Ryan: We started, last time we were the fuckin’ cops we started on a fuckin’ overpass a mile and a half away *Michael and Ray talking in the background* Geoff: Alright, one more Michael: You better pull your shit together if you want to win a game Geoff: Jack’s got time Michael: Well, we’re not done yet, we have a turn Ray: *unintelligible* Geoff: Oh yea Michael: Let us beat you first Geoff Geoff: I can’t believe I was in the fuckin’ boat! *laughing* Jack: You were in the boat Gavin: Why didn’t you just drive away? Ryan: Alright, who’s drivin’? Jack: Ryan, you’re driving Gavin: I have never been the boss Ryan: Alright cool Michael: Uhh Ray you’re the boss Geoff: I did drive away Gavin Ray: I am the boss Michael: No you didn’t. Well, you got in, you got like an inch, and then I killed you Ryan: Can somebody set me a waypoint? Jack: Yes, I got it Gavin: Do waypoints from other people show up on your thing? Ryan: Yea Gavin: That’s cool Geoff: Yea, welcome to GTA Ray: We are uhh in the refineries, there is no vehicle to be found. So, I’m going to take it out on this gentleman. You fat fuck Michael: Uhh we a, we are going to get glacked real soon Ryan: Well, we started in a really bad place Michael: You started with a car though Jack: Don’t worry, I’m, I’m gonna call somebody Ryan: That’s the direction Jack: I’m gonna call… Geoff: Call Burt Reynolds Michael: Where’s his gun? I want a gun Jack: Click in left thumbstick Michael: Oh there it is. Aw hell yea Michael: I, I got the muscle boys Ryan: Alright, here we go Ray: Gavin is way back there Michael: How are you behind us? We’re just on foot Ray: Alright, we got a vehicle Michael: Just hold the A-button dude Gavin: Oh you have to hold it? The Gents: Shhhhh Michael: Yea The Gents: *whispering* Jack: Nice Michael: Gavin, you get in and … fuck Jack: Scuse us Ryan: Woah Jack: Police, police Ryan: Why are you murdering the innocent Michael: I wanna wait here for them Jack: He’s on a bike, he’s not innocent Gavin: Just shoot out the window Michael: I can’t shoot on this, wait, yea I can. From the back seat Geoff: Did you just say ‘he’s on a bike he’s not innocent’? *laughing* Geoff: Alright, where are these bitches? Michel: I’ll have to jump out Gavin: Yea, we’ll just jump out Jack: Alright, I’m keepin’ an eye on them Jack: Ryan, go right, go right, go right Ryan: Go right? Jack: Right, right there Ryan: Okay, why am I doing that? Michael: Gavin, you’re driving into a wall Jack: Because they’re flying, they’re in the sky Ryan: They’re in the sky? Jack: I don’t know. K, yea follow this, yea follow this road Michael: The hell is Jack talking about? Gavin: Ray, I’m gonna protect you Ray Jack: See, see ’em on your map Ryan: Yea Jack: Ok Ray: They’re behind us Gavin: Are they? Michael: Are they? Ryan: That was a bad choice Geoff: Oh my god Ryan! Jack: We didn’t need that tire Michael: Why are you turning around? Ryan: Did we lose a tire? Gavin: Oh here they come! Here they come! Michael: Sup bitches! Ryan: Oh no Michael: BOOOOM! *cries of frustration and Geoff laughing* Michael: See ya! Jack: Goddamnit! Ray: Alright, get back in, get back in Gavin: That was unbelievable! Ryan: Oh my god Gavin: Alright, let’s bail, let’s go Michael: Woooo! Ray: Alright, d’ya see the waypoint Gavin? Gavin: Yea Ray: Follow that Michael: *laughing maniacally* Gavin: I just saw their flaming car come screaming out of the alley Gavin: That was amazing Ryan: Well… Michael: It’s so perfect that they came down that narrow alley Gavin: We’re gonna lose this tire Lads Geoff: And there’s not a single fuckin’ car within a hundred miles again! Michael: Ray, you should probably stay with us since if you die… Ryan: Why don’t we spawn near cars?!? Jack: Look it! There’s no fucking cars! Ray: That car, has uhhh, one wheel Ryan: Oh, there’s a car Geoff: This game… Jack: Bikes, bikes, bikes Geoff: This game… Jack: Get the fuck off your bikes! Get off your bikes! Okay, I got us some bikes Geoff: This game fucking hates us Jack: Ryan, Ryan, I got you a bike Geoff: Hey, lemme get on the back of somebody Ray: Ehh that’s fine Ryan: Got ‘im Michael: Little swervy but… Geoff: Who is that? Ryan, I’m gonna get on your back Ryan: Alright, do it Michael: That was awesome Geoff: I’m gonna ride your tail Jack: Geoff, are you riding *unintelligible* Geoff: Yea Michael: Take it nice and easy Jack: Goddamnit Gavin: Ohfh Ryan: Alright Geoff: God! Michael: Just, a, casual, … Ray: RPG is so OP Michael: … casual stroll Ray: Yea with uh nothin’ , nothin’ to see here Michael: Nothing crazy Gavin: Opp sorry Ray: Gavin, are you fucking serious Michael: Jesus Christ! Gavin is fucking us over from another car *laughing* Michael: He’s ramming into us Michael: Should I just shoot out his tires? Ray: Nah Gavin: No Gavin: Oh god! Ray: Upp, later Michael: Yup Gavin: Ooop, that’s bad Michael: I can’t… Ray: I’ll leave you to deal with that Gavin Michael: I can’t aim backwards Jack: What just happened Michael: Oh yea I can. There we go Gavin: Uhhh hide Ryan: *unintelligible* Michael: No, don’t kill our boss, Gavin (this is a ruse) Ryan: *laughing* Michael: Alright Geoff: Alright Ryan, you got this Michael: … oh yea, I just saw ’em hop up Jack: Turn on your sirens Ryan: I really wish we were in a car Michael: We a, we’re looking very good here boys Geoff: We are going very, very slowly Michael: We’re at a very good speed Ryan: This is the maximum speed for this vehicle apparently Geoff: I think we’re missing a tire Michael: I think we’re pullin’ away Ryan: Yea we are Jack: Press up, press up, and you can go faster Ryan: Oh god! Geoff: Oh shit! Michael: I just saw ’em fuckin’ t-bone a truck on a motercycle Geoff: We survived it! We survived it! Ryan: Fuck Jack: Alright I’m about to pass you guys. And I passed you Ryan: Do it, they’re right in front of us Jack: Oh shit, they turned Gavin: Where are you guys? Michael: We’re driving to the point… Ryan: Fuck! This thing is fucked, we need a new vehicle Michael: …but they are right behind us Geoff: Alright Ran: Yea, they are pretty close Gavin: I’m comin’ Jack: Move! Oh come on Geoff: There’s no vehicle! Ryan: *chuckling* Jack: Just get out of your car, get out of your car. You’re under arrest Gavin: WHAAAA Ryan: Missed Michael: I can’t even see them anymore Gavin: Did I not get ya? Ryan: Nope Gavin: Oh Michael: They’re fuckin’ with Gavin Geoff: Goddamnit *all talking over each other* Ryan: This AK-47 is not really doin’ anything Geoff: This vehicle also sucks Ray: The vehicle we got isn’t that great either Geoff: Shut up Ray Michael: It’s swervy Ray: Alright Ray: Scuse me sir Michael: *laughing* Bitch Jack: Well, this mini-map is fucked Michael: Bitch ass bitch Ryan: The mini-map is fucked? Jack: It said there’s an alley when there’s not an alley Michael: Gavin, we’re probably not going to wait for you Geoff: Alright Michael: Since you’re behind Gavin: AHHHH Ryan: *laughing* Michael: Ray I think we just, okay, especially since you’re dead now too Ray: Oh yea we’re not *unintelligible* Ryan: I don’t know why it didn’t give me credit for that Gavin: My corpse got run over Michael: Get off Geoff: Where are they!?! Ray: Upp sorry Michael: *laughing* Fucking shit Geoff: Do you have them Jack? Ray: This car is even worse in uhhh, grass Jack: I’m, I’m working my way towards ’em Jack: I do not have eyes on them right now Michael: Are you just shooting while you’re running? Ryan: Where’s our fucking choppers? Why don’t we have eye in the sky or somethin’ Ray: Me? No Michael: I though you were Ray: Upp, somebody’s close Gavin: Diamonds in the sky? Ryan: Yea Gavin: Guys! Ray: Gavin, hurry up Gavin: I’m here Jack: What the? Really? Ray: Gavin Jack: Are you kidding me? Gavin: Guys Ray: Come on Michael: Wooo! Ryan: Oh my god Gavin: Guys, I’m comin’ Ray: Come on Gavin Michael: Gavin hurry up Gavin: *sound of pain* Michael: *unintelligible* in the water Ray: Opp, Gavin gotta go, sorry buddy Jack: Alright, I’m gonna get ’em *yelling* MIchael: Ray hang on Ray: Nope upp sorry Jack: I’m gonna get ’em *drives car into ocean* goddamnit! Michael: You left me behind too Ray Geoff: DAMNIT Ray: It’s alright, we win, we win Geoff: I was shooting the fucking thing! Jack: I was, I just drove out into the water Ray: I was waited for Gavin and I just see two purple things and I’m like uppp time to go Michael: Jack just drove into the water Ryan: Ohhh Michael: Alright Ray: Well that was fun as fuck Michael: Fucking awesome game type Jack: Alright, that was pretty awesome. We gotta do this again soon Ray: LLLLEt’s stop! *logo sound*