Hello Friends, Welcome to my channel! Today we will discuss the benefits of WITHANIA
COAGULANS also known as paneer doda(link is in description box) .It is an ancient herb, one solution to hundred
problems. It purifies the blood, cures diabetes, constipation,
helps in weight loss, removes pimples, spots, gives relief from hotflashes and removes all toxins from the body. It is extremely beneficial however you will
have to
keep patience. In three months you will start seeing amazing
results. Let’s start on the process of how to use it. Soak 10 to 12 balls of this herb overnight
in a glass container or a mud pot to retain medicinal properties. Please DON’T use any other utensils. The next morning smash it with your hands,
sieve it, warm it and drink it. You should consume this on an empty stomach. After 45 minutes however you can eat and drink
anything. Do try this to get rid of your problems. If u like my videos please Like, Share and
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